A loud pattering of raindrops on the metal roof above the van didn’t bode well for the Early Walk however the pattering lasted no more than a few seconds with just some dampness on the sand outside. I must admit that I don’t find it that easy to leap into action and go for a walk when there is the threat of showers. That said, I like to keep to our routine as do the dogs who are more eager than me.

It was almost exactly 06:00 as I opened the gate to allow the dogs into the field at the start of their walk. The filed’s a little like the Somme now that the machine has churned it all up but at least there are no more fires at present. Soon, the official fire-lighting season will end as fires should not me made after the end of March so I understand.

There were now four motorhomes in the beach car park, three from Germany and one from Italy. The Italian appeared to be the newest and prettiest of the quartet.

It was fairly mild and still as we walked towards the end of the Promontory. It was quite light as we retraced our steps over the Big Beach. Our walk to Plakaki was slightly delayed by the river however some helpful people had put large boulders in to assist passage without getting wet feet. The water was still running at a good rate as Luis discovered as he attempted to cross at one of the deeper points. He didn’t seem to grasp the concept of using the stepping stones to avoid a bath. Perhaps he just wanted a swim.

The sea was reasonably calm when compared to the previous days but had remodelled the beach yet again by slinging up larger pebbles. It’s much harder to walk on these than the sand.

We were back at the camping in good time so I set off for Krios through the greenhouses. The Brown Dog was nowhere to be seen so didn’t get petted today. I had plenty of petting ahead of me as Gregory’s dogs are both bonkers when it comes to petting.

The sea at Krios beach was quite calm although there were waves outside the shelter of the headland as the wind has been mostly from the west today. Only one ship, an oil/chemical tanker could be seen on the horizon and it was in passage to Italy.

The wind was generally from behind on the way back which made life a little easier but it tends to blow mostly from northerly directions at this time of the year.

Contrary to expectations, it was quite sunny and warm for much of the morning although it became cloudier and windier in the afternoon. Now that the sun is going down I’ve closed up the awning tent as it’s too chilly otherwise.

Today has been less active than yesterday even though I’ve been walking around the camping at regular intervals just to check out the clouds from the beach where the view is much better.

There are no customers but Manolis has joined Litsa at their place by the entrance to the camping. I’ve seen them wandering around the camping going off out onto the beach for a walk.

I managed to get more organised yesterday evening so made up some starter so that I could make bread and let it rise all day. The plan was solid and probably so it the bread since the cool afternoon has not been favourable to bread production. The bread’s in the oven now so hopefully it will get a move on and rise a little more as it cooks.

The dogs are in crazy mode as it’s been windy and cooler and now it’s approaching the end of the day and time for a walk. I’ve just been outside to tell them off as they were barking at one of the cats on the fence. Most are no inside except for Skinny who is with me under the awning although I think I might also move inside too.

I’ll get them ready and take then for their walk once the bread has finished baking.

We met the German family on their way back from a walk on the Promontory. We had a brief chat but it was cold in the wind: I wanted to get going and back for something to eat.

A mixture of cloud and intermittent sunshine made cold by a strong wind from lunchtime until the evening


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