More customers!!

The wind crept back secretly during the night making the Early Walk a cold affair. I put on a coat and had my hood up over my hat! It was particularly blustery walking up towards Plakaki, enough to blow my hood back off my head!

Oskar was mislaid on the beach section and, according to the field camera, came back home to meet us later on the Promontory. Isabella was more bouncy than usual this morning so both Charlie and Oskar were benefitting from her attentions and sometimes Obi.

I’m still having problems with my Apple watch [Isabella has just released the most rancid fart that I’ve experienced in a long time. I’ve retaliated by lighting an incense stick.] I walked the first 500m to the entrance to the Promontory for 1kJ recorded so switched to a different workout which did slightly better. My 11km bike ride earned me a mere 307kJ which would normally be more than twice the amount.

I’ve been wandering around the camping quite a bit today as Georgia came as well as some new customers. By rights, I should have closed all of my circles by now but still have more than 50% left. I might try to erase my watch and reinstall it tomorrow.

Michalis was with Litsa and Manolis when I went there with Georgia. He’s been asking me to organis a WiFi repeater for ages so today we ordered one online and I agreed to set it up for him in exchange for some of his produce.

Georgia has been advised that she should set up a camera to monitor the water meter which is conveniently situated by the boundary wall next to the pavement, so accessible to all. Previously, it was screened by some shrubs and trees but the road project has made it easily accessible. I suggested putting a box around it but then there’s the meter reader to consider so the camera option is now the favourite.

Litsa and Manolis have an ethernet cable to their caravan so I’ll run an extension from there. Tony will fix up a 3m pole to mount the camera on which can be added to the camping system. Not too much work really as I can run power to the camera over the ethernet cable.

Later in the afternoon, a couple of walkers appeared with rucksack and tent. They planned to stay only one night so I showed them to a spot by the beach then did the tour of the camping. I then made them an offer of a cabin so long as they stayed a minimum of four days. They accepted. They are here because they met Mauro and Franca at the dog shelter. They only came for a couple of nights back in October and ended up staying almost two months!

Georgia is arranging staff for the summer so it will be interesting to see what she finds. Tony will be dealing with the camping again but it’s a gamble to know how busy it will be.

Looking down the beach whilst showing the young couple around earlier, I noticed another of the motorhomes has taken the sheltered position previously occupied by the German couple with the little boy. They have gone to spend a few days at Gialiskari Beach to walk the Anydri Gorge. If we have windy weather, they will know all about it as that area is quite exposed. It’s also quite far from town down a pretty rough track. They are quite a hardy couple so I’m sure they’ll manage.

Today has been sunny with a clear sky and wind blowing from a number of different directions. The wind has calmed down now so the Evening walk will be more comfortable that this morning’s.

The doggy rice and my supper are in the pot so soon I’ll have to stir myself into action to take out the dogs.

I hope our German/Belgian couple have had a successful shopping excursion and enjoy their first night in the comparative luxury of the cabin.


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