For some reason, unrelated to dogs or rodents, I was awake at 05:00. I’d considered getting up at 05:15 but suddenly discovered the time was 05:25, still ten minutes before the alarm. I cancelled the alarm and got out of bed to the relief of Skinny and Isabella who were waiting patiently to go out. Yes, even Isabella can be patient sometimes.

It was at least still as we walked up the Promontory towards the point. I’d already tried a couple of different workouts to see if my watch was any better. It isn’t.

Dawn from Alonáki Beach

I managed not to lose any dogs by paying more attention to what was going on. The river is no more so Luis managed not to get his feet today. I should imagine all the excess water has been run off.

I set off for Paleochora for some additional grocery shopping as the weather is unsettled for a few days so I might not be up for a shopping trip. Giannis was on the checkout and told me that he’s been working in the afternoons recently which is why I’ve not seen him. I took the opportunity to order some more dog food for delivery later in the day.

The ride back to the camping was harder due to the westerly wind. There was a cloud of dust over the middle section of the ‘new’ road where cars cannot manage to slow down sufficiently or enjoy the thrill of kicking up the dust. It seems we may be moving towards the next phase on that section of road as the surface was much smoother and the enormous roller was parked in one of the lay-bys. We might even see some tarmac soon! There is still a very rough patch just at the western entrance to Paleochora so it’s not over yet. Anyway, there’s the walkway to complete so June is still a viable completion date.

Olivia had called me a couple of times yesterday evening but I was eating at the time. She called again as I was riding back but again, ignored the call. She and the owner of Skoupi were chatting to Litsa as I entered the camping. The woman was surprised when I could describe her dog which wasn’t hard as Gregory had told me it was missing. I said I’d keep my eyes peeled for him.

Georgia arrived with a guy who will be doing something very technical in the camping. She needed me to unlock the kitchen and the bar however I have only the kitchen door key. She kindly brought me a huge pyrex of stuffed tomatoes and other vegetables from Martha. I went to her car to pick it up just in case she might forget and leave with it! Supper tonight is…

I had a busy start to the day as I had bread to make as well as Doggy Dinners to prepare. Not forgetting my own breakfast. Time slipped by so it was quite late before my breakfast was ready and the DDs could go into the pot.

I received a message from the occupants of Z6 asking to use the washing machine so went off to deal with that. Apparently, he [name currently unknown] is touring Europe by bicycle but has left his machine at Iraklion to walk with Maya and to chill out together for a while. Maya was asking for something to mop up the water after a shower and has now requested a broom. What with clothes-washing and cleaning, she’s in domestic mode today.

The afternoon has flowed by with a brief visit from Stephanie as she rode back from Krios to Paleochora. She tells me she rides out there three times per week to go swimming. She and I chatted to the couple as they collected their washing from the machine. Juergen called to arrange to meet on Monday. He will come to try out the new room. He’s in Crete for a few days before returning to Germany.

The morning was warm and sunny with hardly any wind. It became cloudier as time passed and some rain is forecast for early tomorrow morning. Sunday and the first part of Monday are looking rather wet. Tuesday and Wednesday are not looking too promising either.

The blue bits show the probability of precipitation and the green areas the volume of rain at a particular time. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to capture the legend.

The afternoon wind made it feel a little chilly but the morning was sunny and warm. It’s now very dull and gloomy but the wind has dropped.


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