Very lazy Sunday

Rain fell at the predicted time so I let Isabella out and returned to my bed until gone 07:00 when I could see no point in remaining in bed. I made some tea and started the day by checking my emails.

Skinny and Isabella became very persistent so, despite the gently falling rain we set out for our normal Early Walk on the Promontory and up the beach to Plakaki.

A couple of young guys had the pleasure of the dogs as they changed into their diving gear to indulge in some illicit hunting and fishing. We continued on our way. They were still preparing when we came back on the way to Plakaki.

The dogs were getting wet but so was I as we trudged up the beach and back. Another trip around the Promontory and back in time to avoid some slightly heavier rain.

I fed them then most came inside until the sun managed to break through when the clouds thinned. Some actually laid out on the decking enjoying the warmth for a while.

I had some breakfast and watched some interesting YouTube videos before getting on with server updates which took up much of the remainder of the day.

Our only customers were enjoying brunch when I came out to the loo at one point but were in their cabin when I walked down to the sea later. There I briefly bathed my feet in the chilly water. The thought of swimming was far from my mind.

I spent more time on server updates until Crystal called for a long conversation well into the evening. It was past Doggy Dinner Time so I fed them as the rain began again outside.

I can hear it on the metal roof and see it in the CCTV cameras.

Today has not been all that special although it did manage to brighten up in the middle and may not have been quite as wet as forecast.

Wet and miserable in the morning but fortunately only light rain.

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