Thick and fast

I was woken up by the sound of hail and heavy rain on the metal roof. I recalled the forecast predicting rain later in the day but not the morning so I went back to sleep.

It was dark, damp and windy at 05:25 so it took a little effort to rise from my pit. It wasn’t that cold so I wore a coat but no fleece.

It dawned on me that the abandoned kite string I picked up in the car park yesterday was from Clean Monday which is the beginning of Orthodox Lent and signals the time to get rid of all animal products until Easter. For many Greeks the day is celebrated by flying kites but lockdown has prevented this.

We didn’t walk across the rocks first thing due to the strong westerly wind and darkness. We reserved that for when we went the other direction later. Charlie went around the other way, Fido made it on his own and Luis too but with encouragement. Waves were breaking over the causeway so due care was required.

I rode against the wind to Krios to find myself alone to begin with. I elevated my brain and enjoyed the sunshine. Bella was the first to arrive so there was a big fuss. A few drops fell as a black cloud sped past. Later, I saw a big bank of cloud approaching so I decided to make a dash for it at top speed in an attempt to get to Grammeno before the rain. Gregory had decided the trees didn’t need watering due to all the recent rain.

I beat the rain back and parked my bike inside. Bona had arrived in response to my cleaning request. One of her boys accompanied her. She changed Z6, dealt with the loos, washed some bed linen and cleaned the kitchen.

I used the time productively sitting in the sun and falling asleep. I knew it would be showery so felt it necessary to make the best use of the sunshine.

The couple in the VW camper did some washing and hung it in the bar area to dry.

The theme of the day was heavy showers with sunny intervals so it was very frustrating to try to get anything done. At least the Early Walk was only wet underfoot. There was no Evening Walk due to the unpredictable weather.

The young couple managed to get up and catch their bus. Their cabin is ready for a couple who enquired about staying a week.

A Canadian with a bike and large rucksack arrived later in the day. He paid for his tent then decided to upgrade to Z4 due to the inclement weather. I made him pay €20 as it was only one night. He’s a student and will head west in the morning. I don’t think he realises the terrain’s quite difficult but then he’s Canadian and they have a couple of mountains there.

Apple has produced a software upgrade for the iPhone and watch so I’m hoping that might rectify the workout problem. Tomorrow will reveal all.

I still have no reliable WiFi and have tried a variety of fixes with no apparent success. It’s difficult to get much done without reliable WiFi as most of my stuff depends on it.

Quite a difficult day really.

A showery day after a gloriously sunny start


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