More arrivals

Yesterday wasn’t a great day as I was fed up with the cold and damp amongst other things. The Canadian guy came to borrow a USB cable which I provided.

I’d had a late brunch so wasn’t up for eating much in the evening. I watched the first episode of ‘Yes Minister’ which was followed later by Tom and Barbara filling in for Margot and Jerry’s cleaner and gardener in ‘The Good Life’. Nothing like a couple of 70’s SitComs to pass the time.

I was pleased to get to bed and slept well until Fido wanted not to go out and then he did. I must remember to expel him at bedtime.

I was a little slow to rise so it was after 06:00 before we were out. We walked the Promontory but ended up chatting to the German guy who was outside his van. The dogs hung around patiently although Skinny took himself off in his own little world wandering along the water margin but managed to return when he worked out he was alone. We finally carried on down to Plakaki and back.

The entire family were out when we passed later so their little boy got to have more doggy therapy. He can even manage to survive Isabella if she’s not too bouncy and was happy to pet Skinny who is just slightly shorter than he is. Obi is his favourite as he knows exactly how to behave. I ate some banana bread to die for so must get the recipe before they head home at the end of next week.

Our walk was much longer that usual as a result of these interludes so it was nearly 09:00 by the time we got back. I fed the dogs then sat in the sun to make the most of it before making breakfast.

I went to the office to get my laptop as I discovered the WiFi was working again at the van. Whilst there, I was playing with the main router to discover that Cosmote, the Internet provider, has got its act together and we can now access the Internet using IPv6, the ‘new’ protocol of which I have spoken previously. I now have a reason to get IPv6 working throughout the camping as I have to reconfigure the wireless as there’s nothing like enough capacity with the present configuration.

The German couple in the bright orange van left for Elafonissi whilst I was in the office.

I’d not long gone back to the van and taken my glue out of the pot when I spotted the couple I was expecting arriving at reception. They’ve been on Crete since November and will stay in Z6 until Sunday. I believe they have to go back to Germany soon.

The remainder of the day was taken up with IT related fiddling around the camping and making bread.

It was getting late, we had a long Early Walk and the dogs wore themselves out ragging around on the decking so we didn’t go out again.

Not an unpleasant day but I thought we might have a shower at one point.


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