Meter Cam

Having dispatched Fido to the great outdoors at bedtime, I was not woken somewhere between 02:00-03:00 which was a blessing. Even at the regular getting up time there was hardly a stampede.

We were out before 06:00 and soon to be walking towards Plakaki having safety negotiated the rocks at the end of the Promontory. It was a brisk walk up Alonáki Beach as the day started to brighten up.

Looking eastwards towards Paleochora

We completed our second, anti-clockwise lap of the Promontory in good time so were back at the camping just after 07:00.

I wanted to go shopping so put the dogs inside before setting off on my bike against the wind.

Petrakis was busy considering the time of the day but I was able to get round and out in good time. The return trip through the roadworks disproved my theory that we were approaching a time where a top coat might be applied to the road. There was a equal number of potholes in either direction, no sign of much activity and little in the way of machines. The project appears to have come to a standstill.

I noticed a very large pipe which currently adorns the Sandy beach in Paleochora. Since the appropriate minister has told us that Greece will be open for business this summer, I’m assuming the Sahara Pipeline will soon be buried beneath the sand and the beach reinstated.

It was becoming sunny and Isabella was snuggled up in the chair on the decking when I arrived. I wanted to get on so unloaded the shopping and put it away.

There were dogs to feed, breakfast to make and Doggy Dinners to prepare so no time for hanging about. Naturally, I fed the dogs first in case they might expire due to malnutrition. Breakfast was in the pot by 09:00 and the DDs went in as soon as breakfast was out.

I used the slack time to sort out Litsa’s WiFi and camera. It had been a victim of the general instability of the rest of the network. Litsa’s camera is now attached to the switch I installed for the Meter Cam so independent of the WiFi.

I went to eat my breakfast and have a brief pause. I made some configuration changes to the network to improve stability but it really needs reinstalling from the ground up. That’s for another day.

I have now run an Ethernet cable from Manolis’ caravan to a tree adjacent to the water meter which is behind the front boundary wall. The installation was straightforward as the run was about 50m with the cable laid on the ground. It’s a sturdy cable intended for direct burial.

The point of the camera is unclear to me as I cannot understand what the aim is. I’ve done my bit so will await any further instructions.

The water meter – how exciting!

I managed an IT task for Ray at Inter Sport once I’d finished. Our only customers were busy in the kitchen as I passed by.

Considering all of my activity today, my circles should be more than closed. On the contrary, it looks as though I’ve been asleep in a chair for most of the day.

The Doggy Rice is ready. Most of the dogs are in a heap inside with me however I suspect they will leap into action as soon as I start to move.

It’s raining outside so we won’t be going out for a walk.

Dinner has been served and rapidly consumed. The rain patters down outside so I shall retire within and feed myself.

A sunny day has deteriorated into steady rain. Time to call it a day

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