More kittens

I enjoyed an evening with George Gently and worked out that I’d seen the episode previously only when I made it to the end. I finished up with a trip to Dibley for their Christmas performance.

The wind got up in the night so I could hear the sea crashing onto Alonáki Beach to the east. The wind was generally from the south and west yesterday.

I wasn’t really up for jumping out of bed but Skinny and Isabella were, so up I got to let them out. Fido already had me out at 01:45 as I was too kind to drive him outside in the wind and rain at bedtime.

There was a strong glimmer to the east as we crossed the field so dawn was soon upon us. We crossed the rocks with ease as the sea was now running from the other side of the Promontory.

The sea was very excited as we walked up to Plakaki and I could spot plastic rubbish to pick up on the way back. All things considered, there wasn’t that much to collect.

Back at the camping, I set off for Krios having not been there for a couple of days. Bella was very pleased to see me so I had to make up for lost time. The sea was very rough so Gregory and I agreed we wouldn’t want to be swimming out to the island and back. There was a surprising lack of cormorants considering the sea was breaking over the island. The trees didn’t need watering as some 5mm rain had fallen during the night.

I fed dogs, cats and prepared my breakfast before setting off for Paleochora to buy cat food. I bought some dog food for Isabella but will go back for that on Monday as I thought 40kg on the back of the bike might be a little too much. It was quite windy in Paleochora as the sea was breaking over the jetty. I popped into Petrakis for a couple of items as I was passing.

Back to the camping to unload the cat food and dole out yet more food to the waiting cats. The pregnant female was looking like she was about to burst at the seams.

I ate breakfast and continued fiddling with the WiFi network. I’ve got it working again on my access point however the next one has now got a touch of the vapours.

The Canadian guy returned having endured a very unpleasant night in his tent in the wind and the rain. His mission was to get a hot shower and a decent night’s sleep.

The German family brought their newly-acquired puppy to see me together with around 15kg of washing. Heike had already told me they’d been to see her. The puppy has a meeting with Georgia the vet on Tuesday as they will be leaving at the end of the week. They put in their wash and returned later to hang it all up opposite the Central Kitchen.

We went out at 19:15 for a very rapid walk around the Promontory missing out the rocks to save a little time. The sea was exceedingly angry with the wind and the rocks.

The pregnant cat has started to produce her kittens and, as far as I can make out, one has been born already. She has secreted it in the rocky bit opposite the storeroom but will probably relocate them to the store room.

There was 5mm precipitation before midnight and 0.8mm after. Today was warm and sunny out of the strong, easterly wind


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