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A fresh wind was still stirring up the sea which was very angry as we walked across the rocks and the causeway. It was almost light as we left the rocks to head towards Plakaki. Today we kept an eye on the sea as it had been exploring the beach which was a lot narrower than usual. A couple of times I risked wet feet but managed to escape just in time.

I cycled off to Krios to meet up with Gregory who showed me a nearby cave. There is another cave further up the mountain which we will explore one day. It was very windy at Krios so not really the weather for hanging around although the sea was interesting and still breaking over Cormorant Island (ring any bells?).

I inspected the large Mercedes truck parked inside at the camping and wandered down to find the occupants. Some wood elves flitted about and I discovered them eating breakfast by the beach. There are three girls of which two are twins. The father is German and speaks to them only in German whilst their mother is French and they speak to her only in French. Both parents can speak excellent English. They’ve been touring with the girls for some months but will return to Germany soon. They don’t really need to stay at the camping but will use the facilities for a couple of days then probably camp out nearby with the other van. It would be costing them €20/day and they are quite self-contained.

The other Germans were taking down their washing so we all sat around and had a chat. I suspect they will get together and spend some time before the others depart at the end of the week.

The Canadian guy moved from Z3 back to Z5 as he was finding problems with an allergy. The German couple in Z3 are staying another night so I need to tap them for more money.

I spent the afternoon with the dogs enjoying the sunshine and doing a little research. Stephanie called by on her way back from a ride to Krios and we sat in the community room for a chat. I think she gets a little lonely but is working out that I’m a hermet.

It was time to put the Doggy rice in the pot and take them for a walk. The fishermen were still on the Promontory but I had Isabella and Skinny on the lead as they have a tendency to gallop off. With those two on the lead, the others stick with me. Life will get busier so we need to modify our walks accordingly. I let them off once we were on the Promontory.

Monday night and all of Tuesday are probably going to be wet so we have that to look forward to. Today has been sunny and warmer once the wind died down later in the day. The sea is still quite noisy.

Today is 21 March so the official beginning of Spring.


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