Everything was calm, the wind, the sea and even the dogs! We were up before the alarm as they were moving around just after 05:00 so I gave up and got up.

It was a quick trot to the end and back and then up the beach which is now considerably wider than the previous couple of days since the sea has stopped exploring the beach. The beach landscape has changed due to the vast amount of shingle and pebbles thrown up by the sea during the past few days. It’s so relaxing not to have the wind and the sea crashing and banging all of the time. The dogs are more relaxed too.

I went to Krios to sit in the sun waiting for Gregory and his dogs so I elevated my brain and checked my emails. We enjoyed the warmth, I petted the dogs and then left to go back as I had Doggy Dinners to prepare and I wanted to go to Paleochora to collect the 20kg of dog food I didn’t bring back on Saturday.

I made breakfast and prepared the DDs before putting some washing in the machine for the German/French family. My ride into Paleochora was easy as it was so still.

Heike was cleaning the front of her shop to remove the salt and spray kicked up during the weekend. I fastened the bag of food to the bike rack with a ratchet strap then set off back to Grammeno.

I unpacked the food and filled up Isabella’s food containers before getting my breakfast and putting the DDs in the Pot to cook. I had a little rest following the walk and two cycle rides.

I saw Mikhalis in the camping so set up his WiFi access point so that I can install it at his greenhouse when he’s ready. My next mission was to collect money from the customers and deal with the second load of washing.

The remainder of the day evaporated into a visit from Milo and his dad who was walking Frédo the little puppy. He brought the money for his washing as well as a huge lump of Nana’s banana cake as well as the recipe to make it. Apparently, they use a Dutch Oven which they find is very good. They went off to walk Milo and Frédo so I went to put on the Doggy rice and pack up Mikhalis’ access point.

The German couple is now staying until Thursday having negotiated a new rate with Maria. She had a little help from me as they were trying to beat her down to 10€/night. They settled for €13 as opposed to the €16 they paid at the start. They have been keeping a close eye on the kittens and claim to have actually seen them. I saw their mother for the first time since Saturday. She’s looking a lot thinner but still not back to shape yet. She’s on the list for the vet too.

The outlook for this evening and tomorrow is wet. We should make it through until late before it rains, it should be dry first thing in the morning but wet for most of the day and the night.

Warmer than of late but that will change once it rains.


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