There was 3.8mm of rain in the early hours as I discovered when I walked out onto the decking. Looking up, I could see that the sky was mostly clear and the forecast gave a small chance of rain.

We were out in good time as the alarm is now 05:10 as we move towards the clock change on Sunday. There has been little talk about what should be the final or penultimate clock change after the EU decided to abolish Daylight Saving for the bloc. I understand that it’s up to the individual states to decide whether to stick with summer or winter time. My preference would be to keep to Winter time as it means lighter mornings.

We had a good walk made easier by the graded shingle banks offering the choice of pebbles or fine shingle. It’s interesting to watch the dogs as they generally avoid the large pebbly route if possible. The sea was still calm and the sky was quite clear and it was sunny early on.

I rode to Krios meeting Gregory on the way as he chatted to one of the guys who winds up the ventilation windows of the greenhouses. These have to be closed at night to keep in the heat. I continued on to Krios and waited on the beach. I used the time to reply to a couple of support emails but headed back once the sun disappeared behind the clouds and it felt cold. Gregory and the dogs were on the way so I stopped to have a quick chat before continuing.

The sun soon came out again once I was back at the camping so I let out the dogs and fed them. I moved the chair back onto the decking and even sat in it for a few minutes.

The family from the beach came to say goodbye as they were taking Frédo to the vet for his pet passport then spending the night at Gialiskari before heading north to Souda in the morning. They’re not looking forward to leaving or going back to Germany so are already talking about coming back in September.

My second visitor was Elias, of the other family. He came to say that they might leave tonight for Kissamos in order to catch the monthly ferry to Gythion on the Peloponnese. Their truck consumes 18 litres/100km so the shorter route could be more economic. The alternative is to stay on Crete for another month.

I checked on the kittens earlier however they are in an inaccessible location making photography a difficult prospect without risking disturbing them. They were suckling earlier so I worked out there were either four or five of them. They are located near to the storeroom under an old cable reel next to a large rocky outcrop. I suspect the mother may decide to relocate them to the storeroom where it’s more protected from the elements.

Further rain fell after a few thunderclaps from a storm passing to the south out to sea. More are heading this way but may fizzle out before getting this far. There is a good chance of further rain during the night. It’s certainly a lot chillier outside now that the temperature has dropped.

Fairly sunny in the morning but ended cold and very wet


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