Clock change

For some reason my alarm reverted to its previous time of 05:15 from 05:05. Perhaps due to the update which made it correctly record activities. The clocks move forward at 01:00 tomorrow so I need to adjust my get-up time accordingly.

There was a fishing boat on the horizon as well as a larger vessel heading for Egypt. The Suez Canal is still closed due to the ship stuck across it. It’s a long way around via Good Hope. The canal might be closed for a while. Not as long as in the 60s and 70s though.

Our walk was uneventful as the ‘river’ has degenerated into a mere micturition so can be crossed with hardly a lengthening of the stride. Depending where one chooses to cross that is. There are sections where the water cut deep into the shingle banks so it’s much wider.

There was almost no wind however it felt very chilly so I had cold hands and face, when walking northwards.

I cycled off to Krios but didn’t stay long as I was expecting the electricians to return. I sat in the office for a little while just in case they were to pitch up.

I fed the dogs and started my breakfast preparations by which time much of the sunniness had left the day. In fact, it became increasingly cloudy and produced a short shower. Things started to improve in the afternoon.

I spent much of the day messing around with server backups and preparation for Exchange updates which will take place tomorrow all being well.

Elais brought me his first sourdough attempt which had a very agreeable base but was undercooked. Nevertheless, his family devoured all but the piece he reserved for me. Later, I put some starter into the sun so I can make bread tomorrow morning.

The Doggy Rice is in the Pot so I’d better get the dogs ready to go out.

The fishermen were still fishing and there was some activity at Cedar Bay but otherwise, a calm walk
After a sunny start, it turned cloudy and cold but then brightened up later. At least it’s not raining!


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