Early or late?

I knew when it was time to get up as the dogs know better than my alarm. The dogs also compensate for wet weather as they don’t want to get up early on those days.

As a consequence of the change in hour, which is my favourite event, we were out later or earlier depending on which direction you’re looking from. The reality was, as far as the sun was concerned, we were out slightly earlier than Saturday as the light was only just beginning to percolate from below the horizon. So now, instead of getting light around 06:00, it’s getting light at 07:00. This is a shame as I was enjoying being ahead in the mornings. I can be ahead again just that I’ll have to get up earlier to do so.

The Early Walk was uneventful but very pleasant although on the cool side. Fortunately, there was no wind or it would have been unpleasant. The birds were twittering as we walked up Alonáki and the full moon was helpful as well as decorative.

Once back at the camping, I rode off for Krios to find Gregory and his dogs sitting looking out to sea. Some young women were walking the E4 route in order to check out the direction signs and to give them a coat of paint. There are worse jobs. We chatted, enjoyed the warm sunshine, the dogs got petted or slept and we looked at passing ships or cormorants fishing near the shore.

I fed Isabella, got my breakfast going then fed the others much to their disgust. There was a guy rounding up some sheep the other side of the fence which caused some excitement and later, a visit from someone inspecting progress with work on the site. The most recent activity has been to clear all of the rubbish leaving a reasonably clear area devoid of most rubbish. A heap of metal objects is to be found the camping side of the fence. The latter requires reinstatement to prevent stampeding sheep from entering the camping to eat Georgia’s flowers and hedges.

My aims for the day included: server upgrades, Doggy Dinners, making bread and sitting in the sun. The server upgrades have progressed a little however one of the servers requires someone to physically visit it to force it to shutdown and restart nicely. Consequently, the upgrades have become bogged down. I shall have someone push its button during the week. The Doggy Dinners were put on after the breakfast came out and were later processed. The bread is now sitting quietly in the oven baking and producing a pleasing aroma. The sitting in the sun didn’t happen due to the chilly wind which got up as the day progressed.

Another important event was the arrival of Michalis with a bag full of tomatoes and aubergines. The tomatoes are smaller than those I usually get from the supermarket but taste so much like tomatoes one grows in one’s own greenhouse. Michalis has a commercial greenhouse where he grows produce. This offering is an upfront payment for me to come and fix up a wifi repeater so that he can pick up a connection from a neighbour. I have the device which I need to take along and fix up. I will have to do something with tomatoes and aubergines…

I fixed the lock on the loo door having found myself inside with the handle in my hand. It’s my regular loo so I got right on with fixing it whilst entertaining a bevvy of cats cheering me on.

The man in my laptop has been calling out the time, as usual, however, I’ve been finding a lack of correlation between my perception and the fact we are now on EEST (Eastern European Summer Time) once more. The plan is to abandon the clock change in the European Union in 2021: a date I’ve eagerly awaited as I dislike the twice-yearly hour change. Let’s hope that this, or better still the October change, is the last hour-change in the EU.

Today has been bright, clear and sunny but also cold due to the northerly wind. The forecast for tomorrow is fine although Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are looking cold, wet and windy.

The forecast for the week ahead
A cold start but clear and sunny with a cold wind which masked the 20℃ top temperature.

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