It was raining when the alarm went off so we all went back to sleep for an hour until it stopped.

The Early Walk was occasionally interrupted by the odd shower so we spent a little while sheltering under a large tree before walking up the beach to Plakaki and back. The walk was later than usual due to the rain however we still completed the usual course and were back at the camping by 08:35 whereupon I set off for Krios.

I soon realised a bank of very angry-looking clouds were heading over the mountains but continued on my mission nonetheless. A fine rain soon started and continued for the rest of my ride. I passed Gregory and his dogs who’d not been to Krios and who were hastening due to the moist conditions. I got a little wet but managed to get back to the camping eventually.

I’ve spent most of the day messing around with Exchange upgrades on the Inter Sport Lewes server. I finally managed to get the upgrade to run however it fell over before completing successfully but some helpful person had posted a message saying how to fix the problem.

The server is now completely patched and has all of the latest security updates. It has been a long but fairly interesting journey which turned into a detective activity tracking down solutions to the problems.

The weather has been cool and showery all day. Tony has been trying to make the camping presentable but getting rained on periodically. I nipped out between upgrades to rifle the outdoor showers for replacement hoses and shower heads as we are using the cubicles and not the outdoor showers which are leaking anyway. They and the main bathrooms are too cold in the winter.

I’ve just walked to the beach to look at the weather which is totally unpredictable at present. There is sunshine and also rain pattering on the roof above. This has been the story for much of the day. Not that much rain has actually fallen, a mere 4.3mm, but more is forecast for this evening and tonight.

It’s nearly time to take the dogs out but I’m hesitant due to the unpredictability of the weather and the possibility of seven wet dogs.

Looking east towards Paleochora
Pretty flowers on the beach


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