Bread and computers

It was warm enough not to have to wear a coat which was a pleasure. Thick clouds obscured the moon from time to time and at one point, I thought it might even rain. The sea was calm as there was virtually no wind. A fishing boat was not far off along Alonáki Beach so I could see the two men aboard. Later, I heard the motor as they set off towards Paleochora.

I wanted to get some shopping so rode into Paleochora for a quick whiz around Petrakis as it was only around 08:15. They were still getting things together in the fruit and vegetable department but I didn’t need much anyway, only some bananas, carrots and potatoes. I bought some ginger too. I stocked up on seeds as I put quite a bit in the banana bread on Monday and have been putting them in my ordinary bread attempts too.

Things have not gone too well on the baking front recently as I’ve been experimenting and was busy trying to update the server during the first part of the week. I experimented with my starter by mixing flours which was not a success. The item I produced last night resembled a cow pat left in the sun for too long. Today I reviewed some of the videos in The Bread Code, a crazy German guy who’s been experimenting with sourdough and created a number of videos to help people learn the techniques. I followed his recipe and things were going well until I added the starter which was too wet so messed up the dough. I’m hoping to rescue the dough but it’s going to be another of those unsuccessful loaves.

Fortunately, Elias has been giving me samples of his bread so I have something to eat this evening. I was planning an alternative until he gave me some of his to try. He is more scientific and makes delicate changes allowing him to evolve his bread-making successes.

The family have been adopted by the cats who appear to be spending quite a bit of time in or around their truck. The girls are carefully monitoring the progress of the kittens and I just heard from Matilde that one of the second lot has died leaving three. The fact that we may have only seven new cats to the fleet is not too much of a hardship and will keep the numbers below twenty.

I’ve been quite busy messing with computers and making changes to the Inter Sport backup routine. I’ve hopefully perfected the message to alert me when the backup completes and have changed the way the data is backed up and stored. Better to get this out of the way whilst the shops are not operating and lockdown continues.

The lady with the tent, who Maria said would arrive at around 11:30, never appeared and probably felt she might be better off staying in Chania. I don’t know the full story and don’t have the strength to ask Maria.

Erica and Janne phoned to wish me a Happy Easter and I told them about the developments on the adjacent land. They are planning to come sometime around the middle of May but are concerned about the continuing spread of the virus in Greece. There’s so much hot air being pumped around about opening up for tourism yet it’s unlikely to happen if the hospitals are still struggling with sick people.

The day has been warm and sunny with little wind. The temperature made it nearly to 22℃ but at no time would I have said I was hot. I needed to add layers back once the sun went over the storeroom but was in summer shorts and a T-shirt for most of the day.

The Evening Walk was later due to the various conversations. Even so, I still put Skinny and Isabella on the lead as they need to learn to walk nicely and to stop their silly whining. Skinny has caught the whining from Isabella. She is such a pain when I’m trying to organise the other before going out that I’ve taken to separating her from the outset as it transforms the entire operation not having her fussing around boisterously.

Nearly 22℃ but still not over warm


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