One week on…

It was nearly midnight when I finally made it to bed. With the call from Erica and Janne and a chat with Elias followed by a very late evening walk, it was 22:00 before I sat down to eat something. Fortunately, Elias had given me some of his most excellent bread as I was able to chew on this as I munched my supper. I appear to be eating a lot of fresh vegetables at present for some reason. The bread was a welcome addition. There was not that much of it but it tasted very good, had great texture and strength. The kind of bread you really know you’re eating as it fights back. Not like the commercial bread where you can compress the whole of the crumb to create a ball the size of an overgrown pea if you’re lucky. This bread has body, character and determination.

Isabella was first out of the door as Skinny enjoyed a Sunday morning lie-in. Once I was up and outside, the others came too. It was windy which I’d already guessed from the sound of the waves crashing on Alonáki Beach. A sure giveaway. It wasn’t cold so I set off across the field just before 06:15 without a coat or a hat. The hat was required soon enough when walking along the Promontory as it was somewhat windier there.

It was a little dark due to the cloud but there was enough light not to need a torch. The view from the end of the Promontory was not particularly interesting due to the heavy cloud and lack of light. There is around 50% left of this month’s moon.

We made it to Plakaki although I wasn’t paying much attention to the dogs as I was in a world of my own, concentrating on my thoughts, the sound of the sea and the sky. The sea had been busy during the night as it had created a shingle bank on the beach which required navigating around as it was steep and the waves were splashing on the other side of it.

The sky was a little brighter as we crossed the rocks for the second time but it still felt mild despite the easterly wind.

Wind mostly from the NE and ENE

I hopped on my bike and pedalled off to Krios where I elevated my brain and took a picture of the sea. Gregory was either still in bed, which is unlikely, or was on another mission so I returned to the camping.

Krios looking south

It was around 09:00 so I released the dogs, fed Isabella then prepared my own breakfast before feeding the rest of the mob. I remembered the dough which had not gone according to plan so had been plonked onto a baking pan and put into the oven to ferment overnight. It wasn’t going to be a quick fermentation as it was not particularly warm so I felt safe that I wouldn’t find the dough escaping from the oven like the Quatermass Experiment which starred Jack Warner, Thora Hird and Gordon Jackson, incidentally.

I fired up the oven and bunged in the dough which had, I suppose, made some kind of effort to rise.

Not what was intended but still tasted alright. Another frisbee!

I decided to abandon the starters I had concocted from different types of flour and concentrate on breeding a new one from the sample returned to me the previous evening by Elias. He has changed the starter which consists mostly of whole flour now. I disposed of everything else, cleaned out the jars and started again. I now have two starters that are beginning to ferment nicely. They have been sitting on top of the inverter all day since the weather has been dull and the inverter provides a constant warmth.

The elastic bands show the level of the starter when it was put into the jar. It should ideally double in size before use. This starter contains a lot less water than the previous ones.

Other than playing around on the Internet and doing other small tasks, the day has been unproductive. I wandered out into the camping to see that Georgia had arrived with her entourage which included Mickey and Five. I guessed they might be staying since they brought the dogs and managed to close the barrier. But I was wrong as they left soon after and succeeded in closing the barrier after them too! It’s now over a week since Georgia had Bona clean the common room and lock it up.

Later, I went for a nice, hot shower even though there has been little sun and others have also been washing! Despite the apparent lack of sun, the PV system has managed to produce 5.3kW of electricity which has brought the battery to almost 80% which is the optimum charge without stressing it out and producing the dreaded dendrites.

Almost the 21℃ forecast but felt cooler due to the easterly wind. The wind might be turning back towards the north as the week progresses bringing more cooler weather. And I thought Spring had sprung!

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