Gushing water…

I slept the last part of the night under only a sheet it was so warm. It was just over 20℃ when I was out walking the dogs. It was also a little more than a bit windy so I was glad of both fleeces as I fought against the wind on the way to Plakaki.

It started very dark again today as the sky was overcast again. I kept an eye on Obi in case he thinks he can get in the habit of drifting off on private jaunts but he was still with us at the end.

Gregory and his dogs were at Krios. He was elsewhere on Sunday and Monday. We didn’t stay very long as the sea was rough and it was windy with little sun so not all that pleasant.

I extracted my dough from its proofing basket once I’d heated up the oven.

Improvised proofing basket. A wicker bread basket lined with part of an old pillowcase liberated from the laundry room

It’s a better loaf than the last one which was more like a Frizbee.

I went a little mad with the flour to stop the top burning

I’d arranged for Ray at Inter Sport to move the NAS backup device from the grotty void above the changing room to be next to the server. I’ve changed the backup strategy so there are more files to back up and it takes too long doing it over the network. I ordered a cross-over ethernet cable from Amazon for delivery to the Lewes store since all the shops are currently closed. The cable has to be crossed over when it’s directly connected without using a network switch. Ray clambered up the steps and retrieved the device then connected up downstairs directly to the server. The latest backup started at 14:30 and it’s already transferred over 400GB. The last backup took a day-and-a-half! I’m hoping to do a backup in less than ten hours.

I could hear rushing water from somewhere so suspected there might be a leaking hose or a joint in one of the water pipes. The water pressure is very high but I’ve installed a pressure reducer. The culprit was a cracked bowl to one of the filters which pre-filter the water into the van sink. I turned off the water and went to investigate.

Fortunately, some of the dogs came to help which made life a lot easier as I crawled on a mat in the dusty sand underneath the van. I successfully removed the cracked bowl to take it to the shop in the morning to get a replacement. This is the second cracked filter body I’ve had. I just need Andonis to tell me where he bought it. Not that there are too many shops to choose from.

At present, I have to go to my garden hose for water which although not very far, is far less practical than a tap over the kitchen sink. To think of all the time before I had running water. Having to drag my washing up to the sink like the punters. How the other half live!

I went for a shower after my dust bath to discover the twins were in there. I know there are lots of showers but everyone has cottoned onto the fact that one has a decent shower head as well as somewhere to hang your towel and clothes. I knew they’d be in there for at least a fortnight and I’ve glad we have 500l of hot water on the storeroom roof.

I remember going for showerathons at college as bathing was a social event. If it was after a particularly wet games day, with only three baths, we discovered you could get at least five to a bath so long as the floor got flooded. That was during the time the bathrooms were being refurbished and we had no showers. I recall traipsing over to the day houses early in the morning to get a shower. At that time, only the caretaker was around and there was plenty of hot water. Those who arrived later had a cool shower and had to scramble in with everyone else in their rush to get to breakfast on time.

The doggies have fresh dinners this evening as these were prepared whilst the bread baked. I also recharged the starter jars as the one on the inverter was going mad. The replenished jar is already well underway!

A surprising 24℃ (almost) although it felt cooler due to the wind

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