Warm Wind

Luis was out all night as he went for a wee at bedtime but never came back. It was only at 05:15 when he found something interesting to bark at that I remembered he was outside. I let Isabella out and went out myself to make sure Luis came back into the van with Isabella. I retired to my bed and even fell back to sleep!

It was nearly 18℃ at 05:45 so I removed the thick fleece which I normally wear when I walk the dogs in the morning. We were out by 06:15 and almost on the Promontory. I think it was about this point where Obi disappeared into the darkness. Often he goes ahead of the others, so I didn’t take much notice. This time, he’d gone elsewhere and wasn’t to be seen until later. In fact, I forgot all about him so it was when I was walking to the office to check the mail that I noticed him ambling, rather sheepishly, towards me. I escorted him back to the other dogs before resuming my trip to the office.

It was dark early this morning due to an overcast sky. The sea was calm and was not so noisy as the previous day as the wind had moderated although still from the east. Other than the disappearance of Obi, the Early Walk was uneventful so we were back just before 08:00.

I wanted to get some washing done as there was a bit of a buildup so got busy rounding up clothes and bed sheets to shove them into the machine whilst I went off to ride my bike.

It was an easy ride to Krios and back and there was no one there today so I was back in the camping by 09:00. I wandered down to see if Obi might be befriending the German family but he was nowhere to be seen.

I put together some flour and water before feeding Isabella and preparing my breakfast. I’d eaten the last of the banana bread so wanted to make more of that too. It was all go to begin with: bread, breakfast, washing and banana bread. Hardly any time to stop!

I emptied the machine and hung up the washing then eventually got round to eating my breakfast once I’d made the banana bread and put it in the oven.

At this point in time, the sourdough bread is resting between being stretched and folded, the banana bread is cooked, cut into slices and in a plastic box in the fridge. The doggy rice is in the pot, my bed is made and everything but the hoodies is folded up and put away. I’ve been quite busy but I managed to find time to go to the mini-market where I found a small wicker basket which will be useful when I eventually proof my sourdough bread later. It’s going in the fridge overnight so will expand quite slowly.

I also fed and divided the starter which I didn’t use to make the dough. There is one jar in the van and the other is on top of the inverter. The starter on the inverter has doubled in size and threatens to take over the world.

A woman with a small dog was surprised when five dogs appeared in the road in front of her. I called them back as I had the other two with me. Other than that, the Evening Walk was very pleasant and I managed to return with the same number of dogs with which I set out.

The warm easterly air made a huge difference to the feels-like temperature but there was little sun due to a mostly overcast sky.


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