I paid the price for not ejecting Fido at bedtime as he had to go out in the middle of the night. It was such a drawn-out and traumatic experience I didn’t even recall the fact but found that I was wearing my watch which was on its charger when I went to bed. I got up, let Fido out, took my watch off the charger, entered the PIN and let him back in again all without remembering it!

Not quite as bad as the lad in the bed next to me at school who slept through the fire alarm until we got him out of bed and escorted him downstairs and out into the quad. There we stood, freezing in the middle of the night whilst the roll was called and the fire officer told us what a good job we’d done getting out of the building in an orderly fashion. When discussing the event the following day, the lad in question recalled nothing and didn’t even believe there’d been a fire drill – heavy sleeper or what!

It was still warm so I found myself a little overdressed and rolled up my sleeves. The dogs kept up nicely so there were no unusual events. The guy who comes in his pickup to photograph the sunrise was parked above the beach just after 07:00 and gave a cheery beep on the horn as he set off for his next destination.

The sea had demolished the steep shingle bank it created when it was rougher to replace it with a reasonably level softer shingle layer which was easier to walk on. Further up the beach at the Plakaki end, a long zone of the shingle and pebbles has been removed to reveal a broad band of sand. Even easier to walk on than the shingle. Alonáki Beach is pebbly like most of the east-facing beaches.

Alonáki Beach looking southwest

I went off to Krios with a piece of banana bread wrapped up in a plastic bag for Gregory. He told me he liked it and asked if I could bring him 1kg of it on my next visit. Krios was reasonably sunny and warm with a light wind. There were no visible ships or cormorants for that matter just the occasional seagull overhead. The guy who runs the beach bar was doing some tidying up and had lit a smelly bonfire on the beach to burn leaves and other debris. This rather detracted from the ambience. I suppose I headed back to Grammeno around 09:15

Tony and his colleague, whose name I’ve forgotten, were preparing for another day of clearing the winter greenery from around the camping as I rode through. They were busy most of the day. Georgia was to be seen flitting around occasionally but I had no direct involvement. Her guests were to be seen wandering around and someone took Mickey and Five for a walk on a lead!

I had a long telephone conversation with Terry the retired EG CEO about the evolution of the EG. We were discussing their possible IT and support requirements as well as a new website and database to replace the temporary arrangement. I had another call with Moo in sunny Glasgow afterwards. She retired from the EG several months ago. I’d stayed at her house a couple of times whilst on Guild missions. She is enjoying her retirement and her dogs are getting plenty of walks.

I baked the bread which had been proofing in the fridge overnight. It has not risen quite as much as I’d hoped but is not a Frisbee. I’ve not yet cut into it as I’m saving that experience for later when I come to eat it.

I found time after my phone calls to sit in the chair on the decking and fall asleep in the sun until the dogs barked. They are still adjusting to the renewed activity around the camping as well as the presence of Mickey and Five who are escorted everywhere on the lead!

I’ve prepared my food and the Doggy Rice is cooked and resting in the Pot for when we return from our walk.

The weather forecast correctly predicted the change in wind direction to the north and the accompanying drop in temperature. It’s 19:25 and it’s not too warm sitting outside even though I’ve replaced the layers abandoned during the day.

Warm in the night and for the Early walk with sun during much of the day. Turning cooler in the evening when the wind changed to the north


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