I knew it was colder without the need to look at my phone or go outside as we were almost into duvet territory during the night. The wind should move back from the north on Sunday night so we have a couple more cooler nights ahead.

I wore a coat as it was windy as well as cold when we battled our way up the beach towards Plakaki and back. Back was much easier with the wind behind. It’s from the north so the sea is quite benign.

I left for Krios once I’d put some flour and water in a bowl to start working on producing some bread for Saturday. It’s a longer process this sourdough business – fermentation and all that.

It was cold in the wind at Krios but bearable with the sun. Gregory had been there since around 07:30 so he said as he saw a ship passing quite close to the shore. It was chilly so I didn’t hang around too long.

I had Doggy Dinners to prepare as well as move on with the bread so I was busy with that and preparing my breakfast once the dogs were fed.

Until the sun started to come round, it was positively chilly so I kept my coat even inside the van as I dealt with the domestic chores. I finally got everything done so sat down for a little rest before attacking my breakfast.

Georgia called to tell me the printer was back in the office and to ask if Elias would move his truck so that the lads can get on cleaning the vegetation from that area. There’s a lot of raking to do once they’ve finished with the machines. Elias is taking them out for the day on Sunday so the work can be done then.

She called me again later to say that someone would be staying in T3 later and to ask about the hot water boiler. I said it had been off for a month as I didn’t see the point in using it with so few customers. They’re not using the main bathrooms anyway as it’s freezing!

I decided to clear out some of the sand which has accumulated under the awning as it’s been a little while since I took all the tiles up. I didn’t move everything but the large floor fan is now in the storeroom and the wire cage has moved into its place so now there are two chairs back inside. I can follow the sun a little by sitting in whichever is sunniest. This task took quite a long time and was interrupted by a support call from Sue at Inter Sport.

A phone call took me to the office to welcome an Austrian couple with a van. They are now down by the bar in the area which has already been attended to. They have paid for two nights but may stay longer.

I needed to deal with my bread, do the rice for the dogs and finish off the awning area before walking the dogs. Consequently, we were out around 19:45 so it was getting dark when we came back. Luis, Isabella and Obi came into the camping via the broken fence damaged when the machine was clearing the site. I think the dogs will remember not to do that again but I’ll fix it anyway.

They’ve been fed and are ready to go inside for the evening as it’s not that warm out here. I need to prepare some food for myself and eat it.

A sunny but windy day which explains the low top temperature. It will be colder tomorrow.

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