Nasty bugs

Fido was encouraged to go outside for a wee but was somewhat reluctant to do so. I eventually roused him from the comfortable position on the bench where he’d recently been sleeping to join me outside. I took my eye off him for a moment having been distracted by something else and I expect he turned back inside and onto the decking without actually completing the designated task. Consequently, I was woken by him marching up and down at 05:00 which wasn’t such a bad time anyway. I let him out and back in again, then retired back to bed.

Our Early Walk was completed in record time mostly because I ran quite a lot of it just to see how quickly we could do it. I was dishing out incentivising biscuits at intervals which succeeded in keeping the dogs together. All of them arrived at each stage for the biscuits although some later than others. Surprisingly, Luis managed to keep up well but then looked as though he could do with a spell in Intensive Care! In reality, he recovered quickly and did very well considering the shortness of his legs.

We were back at the camping around 07:20 so I was able to get into Paleochora to post Nikos’ parcel to his brother and to visit Petrakis for some groceries. I didn’t buy a lot today except for a 5kg bag of flour.

I put in some washing for Elias. His family were having their lunch surrounded by cats when I took the clean stuff back to them. I commented on the banana chips found rattling around in the machine’s drum. One of the girls secretes them about her person…

Elias showed me his van as I’d asked how they all managed to fit in. Fortunately, they have two sleeping areas so it’s possible to shunt the girls into there or the cab if they have a lot to do in the main part. He’s done it out nicely so it must have taken him quite a while.

Mikhalis was lopping branches off the carob trees having told Georgia he didn’t want to work on Sunday. That way he could do it on his own without having her fussing all over the place about cutting the branches. He’s made a good job of the trees and removed many surplus branches. The trees will be a lot stronger now.

I had a support call from LBS. Caroline said she couldn’t access some files so I logged-in to see they’d contracted a nasty virus which had encrypted all their files. Fortunately, they have a backup so I’m in the process of restoring them now.

It’s getting dark so I should take the dogs for their walk.

It’s been a beautiful Spring day, warm with plenty of sunshine


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