It was a beautiful spring morning as we crossed the field towards the sea. The birds were singing in the trees, the dawn was breaking, it was warm and clear. The sea was calm so what more could one wish for…

I set off with seven dogs but returned with only six. The seventh disappeared out of the gate like a rocket and was not to be seen again. The rest of us completed our walk and came back to the camping. Entering the compound, I saw that the gate into the camping had been left open. This gate, unlike the one into the field is never left open. As I shepherded the other dogs into the van I discovered Skinny sleeping peacefully at the back. It would appear that he came back into the camping from the beach then let himself in via the gate before retiring into the van for a snooze.

I wasn’t hanging around as I wanted to go to Krios and later into Paleochora to buy some cat food. I met up with Gregory and the dogs by the beach as usual. Today it was almost windless, clear and sunny which was a very welcome change. We managed to see only one cormorant and there were no ships within viewing range. I stayed for a while then headed back to the camping to get the breakfast going.

I fed the dogs and then left for The Local Pet Shop to buy some more cat food. Heike wasn’t present but Zoe served me with a different brand of food but at the same price. We split the bag to even up the bike and I loaded it onto the bike. Zoe told me that PAWS hope the vets will come next Monday and Tuesday if things go to plan. I said there was a number of cats at the camping requiring their services so the females will go on Monday and the males on Tuesday. I’m hoping to catch the older males so that we can reduce some of the aggression and competition.

There was a lot of activity on the section of road at the junction out of Paleochora. That piece of road has been difficult for some while and has been dug up several times and the works extended. The scraping and levelling vehicle was busy with a couple of trucks delivering aggregate for spreading and then rolling. It will be good when the road is eventually finished. June I suspect…

My breakfast was ready when I got back to the camping so I dealt with that then sat down for a little rest following my exertions. Mr Lawrence called to follow up about the nasty bug attack. We discussed some changes to his setup to ensure a more robust response to any future incidents. This is the second time he’s been the victim of a data encryption attack. Fortunately, we’ve been able to restore from backup on each occasion.

Much of the remainder of the day was spent on the LBS network or the Inter Sport NAS which has now run out of space despite having a load of data deleted. I need to discover a way to remove all of the data then reformat the disk to regain all of the space. Then the backup can be copied back to the drive!

I sat out in the sun later in the afternoon to cut my hair as I’d been putting the job off during the colder weather but felt a sunny day would be ideal. Having given myself the chop, I went to the shower to wash off all the bits which inevitably get everywhere.

On my return, I noticed a message from Isla at EG about the courses website so set about updating the version of WordPress after running a backup. The images which hadn’t been displaying correctly seem to have come back to like after updating WP and the numerous plugins.

The dogs have been quiet for most of the day thanks to the warm, sunny weather. Unfortunately, the sheep seem to have found their way back into the field so I’ll need to take the dogs out on the lead later to avoid any inconvenience to the sheep. The dogs will probably ignore them when we come back as it will be after their walk.

I had a call from the Austrians who left yesterday for a trip to Elafonissi. They stayed there the night but are returning to the camping this evening.

A perfect spring day with plenty of sunshine and no wind


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