I discovered the reason for my apparent madness yesterday. Despite instructions from Simon, Jean managed to plug the NAS unit I was working on into the LAN port of the laptop and not into the router where it should have been connected. I’d checked over the router settings but couldn’t understand the nature of the problem until I asked Simon who confessed to the cock-up. Not me going mad after all.

It was quite late by the time we managed to get out for the Evening Walk due to one thing or another. The final straw was a visit from Elias who was bringing me some of his latest batch of bread. The dogs waited patiently whilst the two of us caught up.

The walk was perhaps shorter than normal as I was keen to get back for something to eat amongst other things. It was enjoyable nonetheless as there was a new moon which didn’t contribute too much light, however.

Having found the ELTA docket in the letterbox yesterday, I was keen to get into Paleochora to the post office. There are a couple of items in the pipeline of which, this was not one I was expecting.

The Early Walk was almost without incident except for Luis getting lost when I suddenly changed course to inspect what appeared to be a floating object in the sea. The others managed to keep up however Luis was absent for all of the beach walk up to Plakaki and back. We found him again when we came back for the second circuit of the Promontory. He was pleased to see us.

I rode into the post office in Paleochora to collect what I thought would be one or other of the outstanding AliExpress purchases to be presented with a parcel from UK from Ursula. The customs declaration rather gives away the content however I will await the appointed day before opening so as not to risk bad luck/piles/the end of the world or similar early-present-opening outcome. I popped into Petrakis seeing as I was in the neighbourhood to return with a 5kg bag of whole flour amongst other items.

The muddy section at the entrance to Paleochora is still muddy but work progresses. There is more activity alongside the road further up. I’m sure the project will be finished by June.

I was back at the camping just after 09:00 so fed Isabella and prepared my breakfast before feeding the others. Remembering that it’s not good for Isabella to anticipate her food for too long as this could mess with her pancreas. On the subject of which, it may just be my imagination, but it would appear she is getting slightly less concerned regarding food. All things being relative of course. Until recently, she would always wait at the van gate to come out in order to inspect all of the other bowls and clamber onto the table to lick up any grain of rice inadvertently left there. For the past couple of nights, she has been found sprawled on one of the bench seats at the back of the van apparently sufficiently satiated by her own food only! She has allowed Oskar to go around the other bowls and claim any small morsel for himself.

I had Doggy Dinners to prepare so continued with that once my breakfast was in. There was also some dough left loafing in the bowl which I removed from the fridge when we got up. I heated the oven then put in the dough which produced an edible, if unattractive loaf of bread. It was chewy sourdough and quite compact so not for the faint of heart!

I had a less frustrating and more relaxing day but managed to progress with weeding out unnecessary files and changing how the backup works. The NAS at Simon’s house seems to be working as expected: I just have to finish the weeding…

It has been another warm and sunny day despite some cloud. Not the warmest day of the month but pleasant and no appreciable wind.


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