MacBook replacement

There was rain in the night much to my surprise as it wasn’t forecast with any degree of significant probability. Some of the showers were quite hard although they lasted only seconds as far as I could recall. It was all over by getting up time anyway. There was a Fido interruption at around 05:00. It was my fault as I didn’t throw him out at bedtime and he was hanging around by the gate earlier so I should have let him out when I had to get up.

It was windy all night as the sea had been crashing against Alonáki Beach. The sea’s completely changed the topography of the beach so it’s a lot narrower now and noisier too. It was dark due to the clouds so taking pictures was not that easy as well as the wind pushing against me as I tried to keep the camera still.

I didn’t quite come back with the same number of dogs as Skinny had left us to visit his girlfriend. She has nothing to fear from his intentions as he visited the vet in January 2020. Still, from his point of view, he saw no harm in window shopping. Once the other dogs were in the van, I walked down to the beach to see if I could find him whereupon he appeared from within the Camping when I pressed his button. We walked back together and he even resisted eating the cats’ food.

I cycled off to Krios to find Gregory and his dogs on the beach. I was a little later having stopped to chat to Adonis who was helping his father before going off to work himself. He told me he’d twisted his ankle the previous evening so was hobbling a little. He’s building the racking and shelving for the newly-refurbished greengrocer’s shop in Paleochora.

Gregory mentioned it is Boy’s third birthday and tried to find photos of him as a puppy. Gregory uses Google Photos and only has Internet access when at home so this was not possible. We chatted a while and I took my leave at 09:45 as the wind was getting up and the dogs needed to be let out. It seems strange that two people chat together in a language which is not the mother tongue of either. His English is about as good as my German has become so we speak Greek!

The dogs were suitably pleased upon my arrival so I fed them immediately. I had no pressing engagements so made my breakfast then baked the bread from the dough made the previous day. For a number of reasons, this dough was not given the attention it deserved but had risen nonetheless. Unfortunately, I don’t have a decent loaf tin so simply dumped the dough onto the baking pan whereupon it spread itself out.

The new oven has no problem with getting hot, on the exterior as well, like the other one. This one easily cooks the bread right through which is a bonus. I will need some time to get used to it however. The loaf was quite decent given the total lack of attention I’d lavished upon it. It’s full of seeds and has about 10% whole flour. It was made up with all the ingredients just chucked in at the beginning. It was then left with only a couple of visits to stretch the gluten. It was a very lazy bread.

The day was overcast and windy so there was little sunshine. I was sitting in the chair next to the tent side but it wasn’t cold and there was some warmth from outside. I’ve spent most of the day in summer shorts and no socks. I should have worn the lighter shorts from first thing.

I managed to fall asleep after my breakfast to wake up to discover the power cord from my laptop had fallen out and the battery was flat. It wouldn’t switch on until it was charged up again. I purchased this MacBook in 2014 and it’s had three batteries and the same number of power supplies in its life as well as a screen replacement. There are a number of things which don’t work properly including the keyboard and trackpad. Sometimes a key press yields nothing or several repeated characters. Without it, work would be difficult so I decided to look for a replacement.

I don’t really need another laptop as I don’t move around much. I also don’t need a desktop so I decided on an iPad with an Apple keyboard and trackpad. This works out at about the same price as the cheapest suitable Apple laptop but without the problem of being tethered to the power all day. It should be possible to get a full day’s work without requiring to be plugged in. It can be used like a laptop but instantly taken off the keyboard and used just as a tablet. As and when the keyboard becomes unreliable, it can easily be replaced. Everything has a hard life due to the dust and living outside all year. Hopefully, the replacement will be with me by the end of next week and before either the MacBook battery or power supply dies.

There has been plenty of action on the road the other side of the field including a huge kite. This brought Oskar racing in as if chased by the devil himself. Oskar doesn’t like kites so will do virtually anything to avoid them. We’re all in the van as I was knocking up some more dough for my next evolution of my sourdough. I decided to keep the dogs in and to write my blog using the iPad. I don’t find this easy using the virtual keyboard. I have a Bluetooth keyboard but that’s not easy to use when balanced on my lap.

The dogs have the fidgets so I’d better take them out for their walk.


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