Relaxing Sunday

I was awake at 05:30 so thought I might as well get up. Skinny seemed eager to get out of the door anyway. We left just before six on a still, warm but dark morning. There was only a very small amount of wind so, even though I was wearing summer shorts, I felt overdressed and was tempted to part with a couple of layers. In the time it took us to walk around the Promontory the first time, the wind had got up a little so the earlier decision was the right one.

The sea had calmed down a lot so had returned some of the beach acquired the days before. We were not walking too quickly as it was warm and no one had the energy. We’re not used to all this temperature business!

Skinny had absented himself, presumably to slope off to visit his girlfiend but met us as we came back to the Promontory to walk around again. A fisherman in a posh-looking Suzuki parked up and ambled over towards the beach. The dogs initially ignored him then Isabella wanted to be friends but he didn’t reciprocate at which point I called them away. We completed our circuit and he was drowning something on a hook as we walked past on the way back to the camping.

All dogs were accounted for so I rode off towards Krios. The sky had been quite threatening at times even though the probability of rain was fairly low. There had been a few drops earlier and some more fell as I rode along.

Gregory was sitting with his dogs in the usual spot so I joined him. The sun struggled to break through the clouds, the wind produced a couple of squalls and it remained generally overcast. We commented on the lack of seagulls and cormorants but agreed we’d seen several different flavours of migratory birds. I even saw a kestrel or other bird of prey on the Promontory the other day. We left around 09:30 as I had things to do as did he.

I contacted Heike to ask if the vets were going to be at Kalamos on Monday and Tuesday and she arrived later bringing with her some cat boxes and a trap. I’m not sure how keen George or the Fluffy Monster will feel about being caught and having their balls chopped off. I’m hoping Elias’ girls will charm George into a cat box and the two females with the kittens shouldn’t be a problem, hopefully. There are plenty of little helpers so we should prevail. Time will be the witness.

Elias and I got talking about bread experiences and he lent me his bread pan so as I could make sourdough and banana bread in the same sitting.

Mikalis was working on Ursula’s Cabin as there had been a leak during the winter. Together, we stripped off the outer wooden cladding to reveal the felt beneath. I pointed out the spot where I felt the water had penetrated and Mikhalis said he’d put a large felt patch over the area in question. I asked him not to dismantle Z6 as there should be a couple in there this evening for one night. Hardly seems worth it for 20€.

I went back as the dogs were becoming noisy and restless. I spent the next hour or so processing the Doggy Dinners and then making up the banana bread to go in with the dough I’d decanted into the bread pan earlier.

I was pleased to sit down and have a rest once I’d put the dough and BB in the oven. I’m still learning so hopefully, everything is cooked enough. It’s certainly not burned.

The dogs have been on their own quite a lot as I’ve been out and about doing cat things. I saw the four kittens for the first time since they’d been moved into the storeroom from outside. They are now very mobile and inquisitive. They don’t seem to mind being picked up although they make a bit of a racket. The remaining three of the other mother are not making such good progress although she is doing her best. They will be given the once-over by the vet tomorrow and she will decide whether to neuter the mother or not.

Nearly 27℃ so the hottest day of the year! There is a possibility of rain later and tomorrow until early evening. If the temperature falls to the predicted levels, it will feel very cool…


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