Elias and the twins joined us for our Evening Walk which took place before dark this time. Greta was falling asleep as she ate her evening meal so was in bed. The twins appear to have limitless energy wanting to stop off to explore with the dogs. Isabella was keeping everyone in order as she constantly moved up and down the line to make sure we were keeping up. We parted in the beach car park and all of the dogs were present for their supper which was ready and waiting for them. That helps to concentrate the mind.

As I was feeding the dogs, Heike arrived at the camping entrance with George and 40kg of doggy biscuits for Isabella. We unloaded George who was still a little shaky on his pins after his surgery. We chatted a few minutes and Heike raced off to deliver something else to someone.

Probably because I went to bed at 22:30 I was awake at 05:00 but didn’t bother to go back to sleep. I got up just after 05:30 and fed a few cats, including George. We set off for our Early Walk to the sound of the birds in the bushes all around. It was light enough at that time of the morning so we were soon at the end of the Promontory and crossing the rocks after some swift biscuit distribution. The dogs are used to the distribution locations so arrive almost together.

With little wind, the sea was calm as we headed towards Plakaki with Skinny out in the lead. He and Isabella will miss the swallows when they continue their migration further north. They will have fewer birds to chase along the shoreline. Isabella ends up in the sea most days whereas Skinny is more reserved.

I wanted to get some groceries from Petrakis and to visit the kitchen shop to see if they have any non-stick bread pans. Petrakis was quite busy and the kitchen shop was closed.

More work is going on to the road at the northwestern end of Paleochora. Kerbstones are in position and men with levels are doing important things. I’m convinced the project will be completed by June.

Bona was emerging from the road where they live with one of her boys. They were both on bikes however I sped on regardless. They were to be seen giving the toilet cubicles a thorough clean ready for the season. Even down to washing the toilet paper with a hose: nothing like a handful of soggy loo paper!

I’ve enjoyed another lazy day not really achieving a lot except for preparing the latest batch of Doggy Dinners and ordering a glass screen protector for my new iPad. I mixed up some dough to autolyse until tomorrow morning when hopefully there is some active starter to add in.

I received a large chunk of freshly baked bread as I walked back from the kitchen with the vegetables for the Doggy Dinners. Elias proudly presented me with the results of his latest bread batch which I have since consumed.

The camping is looking clean and tidy. A couple of vehicles have been to deliver some new display fridges for the bar and I noticed a large, plastic tank in front of the customer kitchen. What the tank is for, I have no idea.

It was warm and sunny with some gusty wind which kept the temperature down. The wind is mostly northwesterly but should change back to the south tomorrow.

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