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For some obscure reason, I woke up at 05:00 again. The next thing I knew, the alarm was going at 05:45 and Skinny was putting his front paws onto the side of my bed. I extracted myself from under my insect netting and proceeded to put on some insulation whilst letting the largest two out swiftly followed by Fido.

There was no sign of George but Fred was ready on the fence and Hop-along and his sister were waiting in their enclosure for some food. They usually eat from the bowl on the fence and leave anything in their own bowl. I suppose it’s just habit.

We were out the gate around 06:10 so it was light enough to easily see where we were going. I think we can afford to make the alarm a little earlier now it’s lighter in the mornings. All bar Skinny came for biscuits at the entrance of the Promontory: he was well on his way by then.

It was another beautiful morning despite a certain freshness which kept you going. After all the dust of late, it’s good to have a clear sky and air. The sea was very calm as there was no wind so there was just the smell of sea as we crossed the causeway and back over the rock. Skinny joined us for a couple of biscuits, when I waved the container, he came racing over. From then on, he kept ahead of everyone else only to join us at Plakaki.

For a change, I walked along the road and back at the water’s edge. Some of the dogs were with me others were lagging behind until we reached the Promontory where I gathered them up. I picked up some rubbish whilst waiting for them.

Once back at the camping, I put the dogs inside, made tea and cleared up, Elevated my brain then set off for Paleochora for a quick visit to Petrakis. I hoped there might be something at the post office but there was only a very uninteresting letter for the camping in the mailbox.

Once back, I fed the dogs but didn’t start preparing my breakfast as I wasn’t planning to have any. I read about the health benefits of alternate day fasting so decided to see how it works out. The regime is to eat what you like one day then only eat a meal consisting of 500 calories on the ‘fasting’ day. The 500 calories can be taken as several small meals during the day or as one meal at any time. I’ll wait to see what health benefits become apparent.

Much of my day has been taken up with replying to a long email from one of the trustees at the Embroiderers Guild. The Guild is in the process of reinventing itself so needs to find new ways to do things with less. Many organisations are adapting to changing circumstances.

I put some flour and water to autolyse yesterday evening and also made up some new starter to put into it. The starter has not performed so my dough it still waiting. I fished out some of my dormant starter from the jar in the fridge but it will take a while for that to get its act together. Hopefully, something will materialise by the morning.

I went next door to water the plants and decided to prune the two shrubs which are in pots as they were looking rather sad. They will either thrive or die. Some cats joined me on the decking so I sent a picture of Fred to Janne and soon ended up having a chat for a few minutes. It was pleasant sitting on their decking in the sun with ScarFace on my lap purring loudly. At one point, six cats were on the decking. My three, ScarFace, Moustache and Fred.

I received a call from Maria to advise me a courier was on the way to deliver a package to me. I gave the camping’s mobile number as the companies don’t like making international calls. The delivery technician said he’d arrive around 19:00 so I walked up to the office to wait for him. Miss a delivery and it might be months before redelivery. He duly arrived and handed me quite a slim box containing a new iPad. Setting up a new device if you already have a recent Apple product couldn’t be simpler. Just a matter of scanning a swirling code from the new device’s screen and pressing ‘next’ a few times. I needed to put in the code for my cards in order to set up ApplePay but that’s to be expected. I could even have restored from a previous backup but both my IOS devices are part of the software beta program so have incompatible software. Things have come a long way since I set up my first iPhone all those years ago. Comparing the new iPad with the first generation model I bought in 2016 the difference is remarkable.

Like those automatic switches that turn on your lights from dusk to dawn Skinny’s light sensor has decided it’s time for the Evening Walk. Until recently, I’ve heard a great deal of excited activity from the beach so I may wander down to be sure there’s not a whole bunch of people still cluttering the place up.

There’s only the heel of an old loaf for supper and a large salad so it’s probably lucky the new loaf didn’t materialise.

A cool start but a warm, still, sunny day

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