Happy St George’s Day

We were up at 05:30 and out of the gate well before 06:00 to a clear, bright morning.

Clear and bright with a few stars and planets scattered around

The first Promontory walk was quickly dispensed with so we were on our way towards Plakaki along the road again as this keeps things going nicely. The occasional cat got chased and the sheep looked concerned but I think Isabella has learned that chasing sheep is naughty. The sea was even calmer than yesterday so we could walk back on the small shingle and sand at the water’s edge to complete the second Promontory circuit.

We appeared to lose Oskar at this point however he reappeared later having had a swim. Skinny was, as always, with us but only occasionally at the same place and time.

We were back at the camping in good time so I tidied up and made some breakfast before my daily pilgrimage to Petrakis.

I’d noticed the starter I’d made up yesterday had doubled in size so I grabbed the dough which had been sitting in the glass bowl for rather a long time, and mixed nearly all of it in.

My man, who drives the bowser truck that sprays water onto the road, had been doing his bit and turned the middle, muddy section into a soggy mess.

I wasn’t in Petrakis for long and headed back to the camping with what wind there was behind me. The view was very attractive as I pedalled my way along the decent sections of road. There is still work to be done but I feel sure the project will be completed by June.

It was around 09:00 by the time I released the dogs and fed them. The day was warming up and my breakfast was ready in The Pot.

I made up some more starter in a new jar incorporating the small amount which was left over after making the bread. Since then, this has almost doubled in size so has replicated amazingly quickly.

My day has been taken up with setting my new iPad up to replace my MacBook and generally fiddling about with small jobs. I had intended to clean the ice machine having bought vinegar to dissolve all the mineral deposits inside the machine.

I received an email from Kirsty, is Finland, who tells me it’s starting to warm up there, that summer is on the way so they will be able to spend the time traveling around Finland in their motorhome. She says they will be coming back to Crete sometime in October as they will have had their Covid jabs so should be able to travel. I think she’ll find that Isabella has grown since she was last at Grammeno over a year ago.

The day has been warm and sunny with a slight breeze from the east. I’ve spent quite a lot of time sitting in my chair so have not been out and about in the camping. There has been a lot of coming and going as I receive an alert when there’s movement through the main gate. The Petrakis van and pickup have been is as well as other delivery vehicles. There is a lot of business going on…

I read an article about the personal care industry which has taken a hit during the pandemic. Apparently, according to the testimonials sent in by readers, they have changed their personal grooming regimes. Without the need to go into the office, they have not felt the need to jump into the shower every morning so have been washing less, using little or no deodorant and loafing around in sloppy clothes. Women who used to regularly wash and blow-dry their hair stopped doing this and noticed how much healthier their hair had become without so much frequent attention. Many reported they no longer use so much soap or shower every day. One guy confessed to not showering for a month! The personal care industry expects a recovery once the pandemic subsides however they suspect people will adopt less frequent cleanliness routines on the days they are working from home.

There was a deal of activity at the car park end of Grammeno Beach with several vehicles and motorbikes parked nearby. There were some young people on the beach as well as some spearfishing off the west side of the Promontory. We passed almost like ships in the night although I think there was a dog or two amongst the young people.

The dogs are now fed and settling down to a quiet evening of peaceful slumber I hope.

Warm and sunny with not wind. Tomorrow is cloudy and Sunday is windy and cooler. Things should warm up next week…


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