Easter Week begins

Even though the little blighter went out for a wee at bedtime, he still managed to wake me up at 04:00 with his fidgeting. Having tried to ignore him, I finally gave in and let him out. At least he had the goodness to come back in quickly.

It was not windy when we got up but that situation was not to last all day. It was bright partly due to the full moon but also as the sky was wonderfully clear. It was mild but not warm as we walked to the end of the Promontory where all of the dogs, even Skinny, presented themselves for some biscuits.

Over the rocks and back down the Promontory to follow the shoreline up to Plakaki in really good time. Skinny seemed to have disappeared and had, in fact, gone on ahead as he was at Plakaki when we arrived. The other dogs seemed surprised to see him for some reason.

The walk back down the beach was most enjoyable as the waves lapped gently on the shingle. A cruiser passed by in the distance and a larger ship further out to sea otherwise it was pretty calm.

Once more around the Promontory with Skinny in attendance and then back to the camping. I Elevated my brain before riding into Paleochora to visit the PAWS puppy area and generally look around. There’s some building works by the sports area near the port so I expect that area will eventually become desirable. There were not many people around as I rode along between the harbour and the ferry port. It was warm and sunny so very pleasant.

Back at the camping, I released and fed the dogs and then got on with making a cup of tea and replying to some emails. I caught up with the tasks I’d intended to do the day before as the morning drifted on.

It was calm as I returned from Paleochora however the wind got up again to the annoyance of the lads who are still raking and tidying up in the camping.

I was expecting the arrival of a woman for four nights so went to the office to collect the key to Z3 and check that it was ready to go. I wasn’t sure when the woman would arrive so wanted to have everything ready.

She turned up later in the afternoon having walked from the Chania bus which terminated in Paleochora. There does not seem to be a service to Kountoura and she’s leaving on [Good] Friday when the service is even more limited. I have suggested she could stay for the Holiday Weekend although I’m not sure when the next bus runs, assuming she plans to go back to Chania.

There was a letter and a small package at the office however the package was not for anyone at the camping as it had been wrongly delivered. I’ll take it back to the post office in the morning.

I’m still waiting for my keyboard to arrive and was hoping it might arrive today. Having just looked at the tracking information, it now shows that it was not delivered due to a ‘wrong or incomplete address’. This means they can’t be bothered to use their brains despite them having delivered here on numerous occasions.

There is the sound of little footsteps in the storeroom so the girls have come to see the kittens again. They enjoy their visits spending ages organising the kittens and their food bowls. The kittens reciprocate by racing around playfully and eating their little kitty biscuits.

I’ve eaten before I take the dogs out which I shall do around 20:00. Some of them are confined to the van as I was fed up with the annoying behaviour when I was trying to eat.

Warm and sunny with more gusty wind in the afternoon and evening. Tuesday promises to be calmer although cloudy during the day.


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