Maundy Thursday

The twins came to deliver a plate and a pottery bowl asking at the same time if they could come out with the dogs for the Evening Walk. Elias came later to confirm that he’d sanctioned the request and that they were good to go. In fact, it was Greta and the twins so they came into the compound to see the dogs of which five were inside the van for being noisy earlier. Only Charlie and Skinny were outside so I readied them before letting the others out. With the girls in the compound as well as Elias, Isabella was getting excited so exploded like a cork from a champagne bottle once actually released.

It was getting late so I thought we would live dangerously and not put any of the dogs on the lead. Much of Isabella’s initial exuberance had been expended within the compound so the crossing of the field was quite a calm affair by comparison. I noticed a pickup at CBV so guessed someone was working late. It was only when we came to the front gate did we find it open and a dog appeared from within. When he clapped eyes on the assembled multitude outside the gate, he retreated inside as it far easier to be bold from the safety of a fence. Luis decided to help him find the way back so I had to remind Luis that he was on a walk with me and that we were going to the Promontory.

The girls enjoyed walking with the dogs who are now quite used to them and generally ignore them. Isabella was in herding mode so occasionally went up and down the line to ensure we were all present.

It was a mild evening but quite dark by the time we got back so the girls were able to ensure that their torches were still working reliably. They opted to come back across the field and walk through the camping back to their van rather than take the beach route.

I’d already eaten so it was just a matter of feeding the dogs then my day was done.

We were up and about at 05:20 and soon out again. The Early Walk was entirely without drama and Skinny, with the help of the occasional reminder, was present for biscuits.

I went for a bike ride up the hill near Panorama and back down again just for the joy of it. I’d put shopping down on my declaration although I didn’t go near any shops or even into Paleochora. I understand the requirement to complete a declaration will end on May 15 when the country officially opens for tourism so still a couple of weeks yet to go.

When back at the camping, I fed the dogs and released my breakfast which had cooked during my absence. The day was warming up so I put on my summer shorts and a T-shirt. There was less wind than earlier but it was still quite cloudy.

The dough which spent the night in the fridge was ready for the oven and cooked happily for nearly an hour. The extra time had allowed it to rise better but it was a shame I hadn’t put in any seeds to make it more interesting. Still, it made good bread which tested fine despite the lack of seeds.

We decided to move the four kittens from the storeroom and put them down near the beach with the others. That way they would not be disturbed by all the work going on to remove the items stored in the storeroom and to distribute them around the camping. It will soon be the turn of the bar for renovation but this will be after the Holiday Weekend.

The day has remained cloudy but warm and is now almost airless. I had a long FaceTime with Eliza who said she’d been meaning to contact me for a while. She is well and considering the possibility of a Greek holiday before too long.

I decided to cut my hair which I felt was looking a little uneven from the previous cut. I had a pleasant shower and then prepared some dough as the starter from yesterday was ready to go. This time, there are seeds and chia.

Despite all the banging around and general commotion in the storeroom, the dogs have remained reasonably quiet so have spent most of the day asleep.

I can see George sitting patiently on the fence waiting for something to eat. I suppose I should give him some food.

Warm but cloudy with no wind. The van door has not been closed for several days


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