Crazy Day

Our Early Walk was a little bit earlier as we were up at 05:15 and out just under thirty minutes later. It’s slowly getting lighter earlier so getting up time gets slowly earlier. It was so warm I went out in light shorts and only a T-shirt so it was just like in the summer except that I didn’t take my T-shirt off as sometimes I do. Other than the van which is still in the car park there were no other signs of life except for the birds twittering away or squawking in the case of the seagulls.

The dogs kept nicely together and they’re getting the hang of coming for biscuits at various locations. This keep them closer to me and more focussed on what I’m doing. Oskar and Charlie were wandering up the beach at one point but both returned quickly when I vibrated their collars. Skinny was way out ahead but I could just about make him out in the gloom. After more biscuits at Plakaki, we walked back to the end of the Promontory and thence to the camping.

I made myself some breakfast which I put in the pot then moved some dough around as it was rising due to the warm weather. I jumped on my bike and rode into Paleochora to pick up some vegetables and dried fruit. I think I have enough for a few days as there are two holidays due to Easter and May Day falling over the same weekend.

I stopped off to see Litsa and Manolis as I came back into the camping. Litsa told me her brother, who had diabetes, died recently. Apparently, he didn’t make much of an effort to modify his lifestyle. They gave me some lemons from their garden as well as another fruit which requires a lot of effort to peel but is worth it.

I let the dogs out and fed them and eventually got around to eating my breakfast about 11:00.

I’ve been out in the camping quite a few times for one thing or another. One of Georgia’s friends needed an adaptor and we got talking about her problems with connecting to her work emails over the WiFi but which worked over 4G. I explained they are different networks and that Grammeno doesn’t have a very fast connection. Georgia seems keen to get a faster service but I think there is no faster service in this area. I tried to explain that any upgrade would only move the bottleneck elsewhere unless it was a comprehensive update which would be expensive.

Jo, from the American Navy base was called into work so left after only one night. He says he’ll be back in a month or so. More of Georgia’s friends arrived so I found myself invited to a meal with them. As one of them is vegan this guaranteed some animal-free food. They also spoke excellent English and had something interesting to say too! The dogs were reasonably quiet under the circumstances however some dogs were wandering around which is always a problem if they decided to investigate my lot. Mickey and Five were tied up so it would appear that Georgia and Lena have finally got the message.

I left and went back to put my dough in the oven as it had risen as far as it was going to. The warm weather means the dough rises very quickly and the starter doubles in size in a few hours instead of over night. I’ve put the starter in the fridge as well as another lot of dough I started this morning intending to bake it tomorrow morning. It’s now risen as far as it’s going to.

There was a lot of activity outside the camping with someone periodically letting off fireworks which scares Skinny and makes Fido bark noisily. Naturally, Luis joins in…

Greta and one of the twins appeared outside my gate and wished to be granted access to see the dogs. Despite Isabella’s size and enthusiasm, the girls take it all in their stride considering Isabella could easily knock them off their feet. They stayed a while which got the dogs pretty excited however the dogs were suitably tired following their visit which was a benefit.

By the time I’d finished messing around with things, it was past 21:00 so I really couldn’t be bothered to get the dogs ready and to take them out for a walk. I fed them then went for a shower so now we’re inside except for Obi who lives outside at night but inside during the day. It’s good to have my iPad with keyboard as it’s convenient to have something without a mains connection with a battery that doesn’t run out after ten minutes of disconnection.

Maria called me during the afternoon to let me know a courier service would be delivering two packages within a few minutes. I went to the office and waited. The van turned up quite quickly and had two guys inside. One was on the phone and was talking about another delivery. They tried very hard to give me my package and another which was not mine. I pointed out that it’s for someone on Gavdos so would need to be sent out on the morning ferry. I hung around whilst they contacted the rightful owner of the other package. He confirmed that he is on Gavdos.

It’s been the hottest day of the year with a high of 30.7C. Quite unseasonal for the 1 May.

Hot and still. The hottest day of the year so far.


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