First FreeLoaders of Spring

There was no Evening Walk last night as time was getting on and there were still quite a few people out and about due to the fine weather. I found myself falling asleep so retired to bed at 22:30 well before the church-goers would have been back.

The morning was warm so I had only to drag on a T-shirt and shorts which makes the whole getting ready thing so much quicker. The dogs were keen to get out having missed out on a second walk the day before. The entertainment provided by the girls helped to dissipate some of Isabella’s excess energy. It had been a hot day so that takes its toll too.

I noticed that Luis and Oskar had something to say as we walked towards the end of the Promontory. I noticed on the way back the tent which was pitched amongst the bushes. Another tent was in one of the most popular spots on the Big Beach and received some passing doggy attention. We were soon on the way to Plakaki with Skinny at the front away into the distance.

Biscuits were distributed and we returned towards the Promontory to walk up the west side ignoring the tent. I noticed a fisherman on the east side which may have had some connection with the tent but I’m only guessing.

Back at the camping, I put the dogs into the van before setting off for a gentle ride up the road towards Voutas where I could enjoy the view.

Looking west towards Grammeno. Pity about the metal rod!

Surprisingly, there were not many people about for a Holiday Sunday during lockdown. I had an easy ride back to the camping and then went for a swim in the sea for the first time this year! I think I was in the sea in April last year so I’ve been slacking. I was in for fifteen minutes which was enough as the water was cooler than last year and I wanted to let the dogs out.

Walking back up the beach, I encountered the Austrian woman who was exercising. We were taking and it transpired that she used to do some foreign language holiday work in Mayfield. Interesting as Skippers Hill used to run a summer school for foreign children who came to learn English. Small world and all that.

I released the dogs and fed them before making myself a cup of tea.

A message from Elias asked to pay and use the washing machine so we met up to deal with both. He was also interested in The Mandalorian. They are going tomorrow which will please Georgia as their huge truck is blocking the view from Ξ1-2 where customers arrive midday. Hopefully, Elias will oblige me by moving the truck back a little as he packs up to depart. Apparently, they have decided not to return to Germany so will probably end up in France instead. They have some property there.

We had a booking for today and Ξ3 was only used one night so I put a broom through it and changed a sheet. Jo had brought his own bedding anyway. Later, a Greek/Dutch couple arrived and they say they might stay 2/3 nights. There are lots of arrivals tomorrow but I think they are all part of a group so may turn up in one go. Alistair, who came with several others at the end of last season, called earlier to ask if the camping is open. I replied that it hadn’t closed and that I was certain there would be accommodation for next weekend. If they come there may be as many as ten people in one group. They usually stay in T1-3, M5/6 and pay as one which is convenient. I can also put them on the same bill under one name.

The dogs were noisy this morning due to some idiots letting off bangers nearby. Probably local kids. There were fireworks last night which caused Fido to bark and wake me up so he found himself with a bark collar for the remainder of the night. Fido and Luis were the lucky recipients today. It’s been a very quiet day with little barking from this lot only from external sources.

There are still people about on the beach and the dogs are quiet so I’ve fed them and will give them a longer walk in the morning. I’ve been busy doing things with servers as I think Inter Sport is closed today.

Slightly warmer than yesterday but over 30℃ again


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