Goodbye Elias and family

I wasn’t late to bed again as the day had been warm and I was running around quite a bit. My un-energetic morning swim may have contributed to my general lassitude. I managed to watch the remainder of ‘Yes Minister’ I’d previously slept through.

There was a dog barking nearby during the night which caused some limited echo-barking from within. The dog was outside at the rear of Cedar Bay Villas where a variety of cars and pickups had been parked. I think all of the villas were occupied for the weekend. Not by foreigners but by locals. We discovered this as we walked past on our way out for the Early Walk.

The walk was uneventful other than a small tent pitched on the Big Beach. It later transpired it belonged to some friends of the Greek/Dutch couple who arrived yesterday and who left today. They discovered their friends were nearby and went to meet them. The tent received some initial doggy interest and a little bark or two from Oskar who was politely asked to refrain which he did.

Our walk was pleasant along a very calm sea with no wind and hardly anyone around. A man was fishing from the rocks at Plakaki but his presence went unnoticed by the dogs. We had some biscuits and then walked back down for another trip around the Promontory before returning to the camping.

I put my breakfast together and then into the pot before riding into Paleochora just to check it was there. Petrakis appeared to be open even on Easter Monday. For how long, I know not. I rode back to Grammeno and went for a swim. I followed the Austrians into the water and was later joined by Elias and the twins. Greta could be seen watching from the beach. I was in the water for around fifteen minutes and can report that it was very pleasant and almost flat calm.

I wanted to get the Doggy Dinners on the go so prepared that before eating my breakfast. Elias came to put some washing in the machine and together we moved his truck back a little so as not to obstruct the view of the nearby cabins arriving shortly. They continued their departure preparations but were not planning to leave until early afternoon.

I was later called to collect the money from the couple I welcomed yesterday as they were leaving and then I took the washing back to Mathilde who was excavating the truck.

I went back for a while to escape from the madding crowds which Georgia was dealing with as they were Greek-speaking. It was soon time for Elias, Mathilde and family to depart so I saw them off and removed the three kittens to Erica and Janne’s decking so that I can keep an eye on them. They seem to be settled as they don’t appear to have moved around much. The four kittens in the storeroom looked very contented when I went in last but their mother was nowhere to be seen. George is back on the fence munching some biscuits from the magnetic, communal bowl on top of the fence. He seems impervious to Luis’ barking although it drives me round the bend.

I had an email from Paul Rowland who set up my mortgages for me and provided general financial advice. His wife Jackie is unwell but it was his business email that was the reason for his email to me. He had a problem with his iPad email account but now cannot get it to work correctly due to a mail server certificate problem. I spent some time fiddling about with the settings during the afternoon trying to replicate the problem.

Time passed and then I remembered the Doggy Dinners which were still lurking in the pot. These I processed having finished off the fruits that require peeling but are worth it. I need to find out what they are called. The DDs were eventually processed and their rice is now ready.

The nice lady I was sitting next to the on Saturday evening came to bring me the remainder of the ‘soup’ left over as I didn’t turn up to eat with everyone else. Meals on Wheels. It simplifies my meal preparation for this evening.

The air temperature has dropped and there seems to be a sea fog brewing so it will be interesting to see what conditions the morning brings.

It was another hot day with the high over 31℃ making it the hottest day of the year so far. The temperatures for the week are in the high 20s.


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