Is it August?

For some reason, I decided it was going to be cooler this morning so put on a thin fleece. It soon became apparent that ‘cool’ wasn’t a problem so I discarded my fleece when I gave the dogs their togetherness biscuits at the end of the Promontory. To reduce any anxiety, I can report that my fleece was still on the rock when I went back for it later. Which reminds me of the aluminium double extending ladder left leaning against a wall next to the pavement for several days. People don’t seem to steal your stuff around here.

The remainder of the walk was uneventful although there were few moments where all seven of the dogs were with me simultaneously! There were too many distractions left behind by visitors over the weekend. A discarded ice cream wrapper kept Charlie behind for quite a while. Other treasures I will not mention.

I left the dogs in the van and went to check on the small pussies and their mother on J&E’s decking. The camping was busy yesterday so I didn’t wander much preferring to sit in the shade and do little. I found the mother, or she found me, in the vicinity of Z1/2. I picked her up and transported her to her babies who were patiently lying in their box. I suspect she’d not been with them for a while as they seemed eager to feed. I stayed with them a little while to make sure the small, black one got a share of the milk. The more advanced Ginger one is happy to eat solid food so I kept the others busy so that the smallest would be uninterrupted.

I rode to Paleochora, not for shopping but for exercise although I put shopping on my declaration just in case I should be asked for it. We’re supposed to do declarations until 15 May, so not long now. I went on a little circuit around the village and then back past Petrakis, which was open, to the camping.

I then went for a swim and collected the money from the Austrians who plan to leave tomorrow or the next day. The sea was wet, calm and uncrowded. I think I was the only person in the Grammeno bit of it at one point. Others were wandering around walking dogs or entertaining children.

I let out the dogs and fed them before making a cup of tea and making up some dough for my latest bread experiment. I’m making sourdough corn bread from a small amount of starter I mixed with 200g of corn flour last night. It had nearly doubled in size so was ready for action. I used the mixer to combine it then left it to rise which it did with a vengeance. I should have decanted the mix straight into the baking tray as it lost its strength when I poured it after it had finished rising. I also underestimated the time so it was past its prime. Nevertheless, it was eventually baked and turned out ok other than a little dense due to my mishandling. It will make a change from all of the full-strength bread I’ve been eating recently. This mix is not only totally plant but also contains ground flax and chia so is gluten free.

I went back to check on the pussies and take some pictures to forward to Elias and his girls.


The mother was a little preoccupied as George was reposing nearby however I went over to him for a little love-in in case he felt left out. Hopefully, he will become more docile now that he’s been neutered.

I got back to the dogs and immediately baked the sourdough cornbread as it had not risen further whilst I was away. It turned out ok for a first attempt.

I’ve not done too much except enjoy the weather as it’s been very warm with a high of 34.4℃ at 12:13. The temperature under the awning has reached 37°C as the sides are still up and there’s only the ceiling fan. It’s too early to take down the sides as we’re bound to go back to cooler temperatures and rain before summer. Today has been like an August day!

Many of yesterday’s arrivals stayed only one night so there has been a bit of an exodus today. I think the bulk of Georgia’s fiends will finally go today and she will tomorrow I should imagine. I received plenty of alerts as Maria has posted reservations to the booking calendar. Lately, I’ve passed all enquiries to her for a reply but if she’s to be on her own during the summer I’ll deal with some now that I can actually see what’s available.

Hot like in August!


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