There was no one around when we went out this morning only an abandoned car on Alonáki Beach which has been there since the weekend. Our walk was pleasant and uneventful as we all ended up at the right places at the right time. Skinny was absent at Plakaki so I called him and he seemed to appear from nowhere. I’m sure he wasn’t doing anything naughty.

There was a lot of bathing when we returned to the Promontory for the second time. Skinny and Isabella had already been in the sea and Obi, Charlie and Oskar had a paddle or a swim too. We completed our walk and returned to the camping.

I made up some sourdough before setting off for a bike ride to Paleochora. I didn’t feel the need to visit Petrakis so contented myself with exploring some of the small lanes and saying hello to a couple of puppies standing near the PAWS puppy area.

Men are still working on the road and the pedestrian and cycle way. It will all be finished by June.

There was a slight breeze as I walked down to the sea for a quick swim before breakfast. Once past the initial coolness of the water, it’s quite pleasant to swim around for fifteen minutes or so.

I fed the dogs and cats then got on with my breakfast which I’d prepared before going out. The plan being to be able to eat it earlier in the day. That plan does not always work out as intended.

It was another warm day but cooler than recently. I spent time preparing dough from corn and oats with some ground flax seeds and chia on top. I have yet to see how it came out. I also wanted to make some banana bread but was using the baking tray for the bread so needed to shuffle things around a little. Once the bread was done I tipped it out and filled the tray with the mixture I’d prepared earlier.

I created a test website where I’m going to make a more advanced and intuitive booking website. I want to see if I can make something which people could use to reserve accommodation and which provides intuitive lists of daily arrivals and departures which can be accessed by those who need them without having to login to the site admin page to do so. The present system is a step in the right direction but I think we could go further. Certainly better than Maria’s hand-ruled sheet of paper with a pencil and rubber! With a reliable booking website it would be easier for one person to manage the bookings and not require another person in the office.

There are fewer customers in the camping but I notice there are arrivals on Friday including Alistair’s group. Hopefully, Maria will have programmed Bona to get everything ready. Maybe Georgia will be back by then anyway.

There has been quite a bit of preparation activity on the camping although I’m not certain what they’ve actually been doing. Nothing much seems to have happened in the bar area. Hopefully, someone has fixed the electrical problem in M1 as well as the cooling unit in the vending machine. One day, someone may come to fix the boiler!

Today’s top temperature is 27.4℃ at 13:34. Cooler than the past few days. I think the dogs are hoping I’m going to feed them…

Cooler and breezier than the past few days


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