Receptionist again

Apparently, our group in T1-T3 were playing music at 01:00 and it was reported to be intrusive upon the sleep of those within earshot. Despite the van door being open, it didn’t disturb me. The group are good customers and are reasonably behaved so I won’t mention it unless there are other comments.

Our Early Walk passed without too much excitement. At least not for me. A tent was pitched by the Big Rock with a fire still burning brightly so the occupants cannot have been in bed for long. Oskar decided they needed serenading so Luis joined him. This lasted for the time it took me to get my remote from the belt of my shorts and start pressing buttons. Silence returned. I wasn’t so much bothered about the happy campers more not wanting Oskar to think he should bark at things that surprise him.

I spotted a couple of cars at the end of the Alonáki Beach Road so guessed there would be a tent somewhere nearby. It was only on the way back that I spotted some plastic and a tent nestled secretively within the undergrowth. There was some minor doggy interest however I was able to redirect them remotely.

Back at the camping, I noticed the refrigerated sourdough starter I mixed up the previous evening was about to take over the world so mixed up some dough for later use. I then went into Petrakis for some items and to discover if they are now open seven days. Useful information for customers. It also means I don’t have to think ahead.

When I returned, I went for a quick swim, fed the dogs and made a cup of tea. There were some people arriving and some admin from the previous day so I felt it easier to be at the reception than have to keep going back. Only Maria, Georgia and I have access to the booking calendar and Georgia was out on other business. It’s easier just to stay at reception and deal with it rather than have Maria phone me every five minutes to ask questions. She should be here and operational before next weekend. Hurrah!

I shall go round and collect the money tomorrow morning as there are only a couple of arrivals. Once I have the cash, I don’t mind what the punters do and it’s easier to go and extract it from them than sit around waiting for them to come to me.

There have been a couple of arrivals, one of which wanted to change accommodation which required handling as the accommodation they wanted had already been assigned so something else had to be assigned to that customer. I think it’s better to assign the accommodation as they arrive rather than book a specific accommodation to an individual unless they have a preference.

The dogs have been on their own all day so there was some barking but there are lots of dogs and doggy people this weekend so they’re suitably understanding.

I’m not going to take them out this evening as it’s been hot, I’m tired and there are still loads of people out and about. They seem pretty relaxed anyway.

The English family in M4 have been entertaining the kittens and I arrived back to find several small boys lurking in the storeroom and workshop. Apparently playing hide-and-seek.

The sun is setting and the doggy rice is cooked so I shall feed them and feed myself. It will be interesting to see how my latest bread experiment has worked out.

A hot day after a gloomy and sometimes breezy start.


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