All gone

I woke at 05:00 so got up to make a good start to the day as nearly all of the punters would be leaving. It was windy so I added a layer before setting off at 05:30. The tent by the Big Rock was still there although the fire had burned right down. There was a tent at the end of Alonaki Beach in addition to the one in the reeds. This tent housed a couple and there little dog who was quite inquisitive and didn’t run off when he saw the mob approaching. Ηis encounter was quite short as he was summoned by his owner and I reeled mine in at the same time.

It seemed less windy for the second Promontory lap and back to the camping where I put the dogs in before Elevating my brain and cycling into Paleochora. I rode around a little as I had no need to do any shopping. There was no activity on the road but I’m still certain it will be completed by June.

I needed to prepare the Doggy dinners before consuming my breakfast prepared earlier. I wanted to be ahead of the game and to get the money in from the punters. I wandered round the camping collecting it in. Only one punter got stressy about not being able to pay 18 Euros on his card. I said we didn’t have a machine and he got arsey but then appeared at the office later with the cash. In many ways, I’d rather collect all payments by card but then I know that Georgia wants the cash.

I collected in all the money and then closed up the office as there was little else for me to do. Bona asked why I’d told all the customers to check out so early even though check out time is officially 10:00. I said the last time I said they could stay later, she had a meltdown. No pleasing some people. Later on, I found her bunch of keys left in one of the doors so put it in with the washing machine.

Someone decided all the kittens should be together in the storeroom so shifted the three from J&E’s decking. I tracked them down but then needed to work out which one of the ginger cats belonged to the other mother. I eventually worked out which should be where so all are reunited.

The wind got up starting to blow dust around the camping which was instrumental in the punters packing up and leaving. The bar closed in the early evening as there is just one couple staying in the camping.

Dimitris informed me that Anna had gone to Martha’s and would return with some food for everyone. Some gemista and stuffed vine leaves for me. Martha makes excellent gemista. Soon after, he delivered it to me as I was belatedly processing the Doggy Dinners which had finished cooking hours before so were somewhat thicker than usual.

I found myself sitting at the back of the van with my iPad and falling asleep. I’ve since fed the dogs and eaten my gemista so am surrounded by snoring dogs.

A presentable 28.4C but the wind made life a little unpleasant and rather a mess of the previously tidy camping. It’s been still lately…


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