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Another blowy night followed by a windy Early Walk. I was in a thin fleece as it was milder today but it was still hard work walking along Alonáki Beach to Plakaki. Charlie managed to find a delightful package consisting of a used nappy which he eventually relinquished so that I could deposit it in a nearby waste bin. We carried on up the road which runs parallel to the beach passing some worried-looking sheep. The dogs appeared to ignore them however that might not have been the case had the sheep run away.

Our second tour of the Promontory was uneventful other than the discovery of some unpleasantness left by this weekend’s visitors. Why don’t they take their shit home with them?

I did things with sourdough before riding into Paleochora against the wind. This bread recipe contains whole wheat flour, white bread flour and approximately 100g of oats. I made some purchases in Petrakis. Yiannis was explaining the financial implications of staff testing for Covid which had to take place twice per week. We worked out it costs around €800/month with the state paying half. I rode back to Grammeno via the roadworks where there is fervent activity. The road is being levelled up and thoroughly rolled so I’m optimistic that it might get tarmacked before too much longer. Most of the accompanying cycleway is at least partially complete. Only time will tell…

There were a couple of support calls and then I was called away to receive a package from the ACS man who was at reception. I was on the phone when Dimitris came to let me know so wasn’t really paying full attention. The courier was determined to have me accept the packages even though I could see they were not addressed to me. Anna and I agreed there was no point in contacting ACS to collect and correctly deliver the items and that she would call the number on the labels and have the recipient come pick them up from the camping. The courier would, most likely have tossed them into the rubbish had we not accepted them. A previous courier tried to get me to accept a package destined for Gavdos until I pointed out to him that it needed to go on the ferry! I have a couple of items arriving via Geniki, ACS and another logistics service so have no idea how that will work out. There’s a lot of scope for a reliable last-mile courier service on this island.

I returned to prepare some banana bread for baking and to turn out my sourdough into a bread mould so it might rise again. Both items went into the oven together and both appear to look pretty good. I tend to eat the banana bread in the evenings as a replacement for Cretan Rusks as these are made from wheat so make me sneeze. The banana bread I think is a healthier option as I know what goes into it.

Georgia called to tell me that Erica and Janne are arriving today. I called Janne later to confirm they are arriving on 17th as planned. She asked if someone should cut their weeds for them however I assured her they would wish to pull them up themselves. They certainly didn’t want someone with a strimmer sending gravel flying everywhere least of all me. Solar panels might be hail-resistant but not flying gravel-resistant. She then asked if she should get a PC for Maria to use in the office or a [cheap] laptop. I suggested a laptop would be more useful as it could be taken elsewhere during the winter. I suggested she might consider a Chrome Book as they are cheaper and Maria’s requirements are very minimal. The thought of educating Maria in the ways of Chrome OS is daunting. Maybe the salesman talked Georgia into buying a Windows laptop so I’ll be spared. Maria’s personal laptop is unusable in my view. I would throw anything that slow in the bin!

It has been very quiet in the camping today with little noise from the adjacent building works. The final long-stay customer has left to catch the ferry from Kissamos to the Peloponnese. Only the couple with the ‘missing’ laptops remains as far as I know. Another couple are booked in with their own tent and the weekend is looking busy again. Maria should be here before then.

Isabella is meticulously destroying a paper plate which contained some chips from Sunday. Litsa gave me these as compensation for trying to removed a CD gobbled up by a rogue car CD player. I carefully dismantled the device to discover no CD was present! Apparently, she’d been trying all sorts to open the player to extract the disk.

The dogs have spent most of the day asleep as it’s been sunny and warm since the wind has dropped. We are promised calmer weather for a few days.

Windy to start then sunny and warm

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