It was extremely blowy when I got up briefly around 04:00. I explained to the assembled multitude that it wasn’t quite getting up time so they could go back to bed. When the alarm sounded, it took me a few moments to pluck up the courage to face the day outside. Needless to say, I had help to get up so my lingering wasn’t for long.

There were no cars parked or tents pitched just spaces where they had been and little bits of debris left behind. The walk was uneventful but sometimes difficult due to the windy conditions. I’d reverted to a hooded fleece over my light one and the hood was up in the windier bits.

Before going for a bike ride into Paleochora, I potted a geranium leaf which had produced roots, into a flower pot with some compost. Hopefully, my leaf will evolve into a new plant. It’s hard to go wrong with geraniums.

My ride into Paleochora was blustery with sections where it was a challenge to keep in a straight line. I employed extra motive power to counteract the force of the wind on several occasions. I said good morning to the PAWS puppies and investigated the area around the port before returning to base to feed the small cats.

Much of the day has been inactive following my active weekend. I have reconfigured the network to provide over 1,000 IP addresses having change the subnet mask. Things with a fixed IP will occupy the lower end of the network and everything else will have their address dished out from 192.168.10.x -> This represents 5×256=1280 IPs as opposed to less than 250 before for everything. I can allocate further address space if necessary.

Other important tasks included making up some sourdough starter from the dormant one in the fridge and drinking tea. It’s been rather a lazy day.

The wind has moderated, the sky has been blue and the sun has shone all day. I’ll take the dogs out again just as it gets dark and I have a couple of cameras that require cleaning and realigning at the bar.

The cameras were aligned and cleaned however the dogs didn’t get a second walk as I was bogged down in a couple of ‘missing’ laptops from Ξ6 from a Greek/Dutch couple who didn’t seem quite sure when they’d last seen them. This, as one can imagine, created acres of fuss and frustration between Dimitris and Georgia who must have exchange at least 150 calls. I sloped off…

Blue sky and sunny but also plenty of wind.


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