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Miss Fidgets was scratching and wandering around at 04:50 so I even contemplated getting up but got only got as far as contemplating. I was dressed and outside wrestling Isabella into her collar before the alarm actually went off. She insists on moving around and is distracted by the smallest thing so keeps turning her head almost constantly.

We were under starter’s orders and out of the gate with Skinny and Isabella in the lead at the beginning. Skinny went ahead so didn’t stop for biscuits at the first biscuit distribution point which is to ensure they don’t wander off down Grammeno Beach. He was present at the end of the Promontory with the others and then disappeared across the rocks into the distance. I don’t generally worry too much about Skinny as he does his own thing but turns up in the right places without getting into anything naughty.

It was still not properly light as we walked down Alonáki Beach passing the forest or more accurately copse of wooden poles which sprang up yesterday morning like mushrooms in an autumn night. Not far away, there is a stack of thatched umbrellas ready to be mounted on top.

Poles on Alonáki Beach – part of Mr Ammos Beach Bar’s domain. Skinny and Isabella are racing along the shoreline chasing birds

I assumed Skinny was away in the distance but couldn’t see him when we arrived at Plakaki. I called him but he was nowhere to be found so we headed back to the Promontory for another circuit expecting to see him there. As it turned out, he was in the van curled up on the seat! He’s taken himself home for some reason.

Oskar was with us until the end but was distracted by something particularly interesting in the field. He eventually made it back as I’d left the outer gate open for him. When I saw Isabella’s tail wagging frantically I guessed Oskar was back.

I made my breakfast and had some tea before setting off to Petrakis to pick up a couple of items. There were some potatoes and also so good looking sweetcorn. At 4 Euro/kilo I hope they are! Yiannis was telling me he needed to run 22km during the weekend as he’s entered for a marathon near Chania next month. I rode back to the camping and released the dogs before getting the Doggy Dinners ready to go in the pot as my breakfast was done.

The morning was warmer by now as it was quite cool earlier on. The sun was shining and there were few clouds. I ate my breakfast and then appear to have drifted off a while for some reason. Probably after an early start.

The Doggy Dinners were ready so I processed them and put on some beans to cook. I also washed some spinach to go on with the doggy rice later. It will be an interesting salad tonight.

The afternoon drifted by and Litsa sent a message asking if I could help Manolis with his boat as he was fitting a new stereo. I walked up there and we checked the connections and sorted out a wiring problem. For some reason, the other deck speaker isn’t working so he will change the cable. I went back as the dogs were being noisy as it was approaching teatime. There are quite a few customers this weekend as all of the accommodation is booked. This is quite unusual for the beginning of May. The bookings are mostly last-minute although I see M1-M3 have been booked since last weekend for next weekend! I have a feeling there will be a repeat of last year where everyone comes at the last minute in July and August.

I don’t have any great plans for the remainder of the day other than to feed the dogs and myself then watch something interesting until bedtime.

Not as warm as yesterday but sunny and warm after a cool start.


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