Luis’ turn

The cars parked in the beach car park belonged to a couple of tents moored on the east side of the Promontory well out of the way. They were in such a hurry, there were no dogs for biscuits at the first call, only at the end of the Promontory where Luis was absent.

What surprised me was that he was still absent at the third point. Having walked to Plakaki and back, I could hear lonesome wailing from within the compound. He’d been otherwise occupied when the others charged out of the gate so resigned himself to Pathetic Dog Noises having been deserted. I called the others and we went back to the van to collect Luis who charged off with them.

A man was collecting salt in the pools on the rocks so we took a slight diversion so as to avoid any disruption to his Sunday morning and then back to the van again.

I slipped off out on my bike heading towards Anydri with the intention of seeing if the School House Restaurant was open which it was. I had a pleasant ride up the gorge enjoying the birdsong as I went.

Interesting flower

Having taken a picture of the restaurant, I continued a little further up the road where I encountered Inke who lives nearby. She was out walking her dog but hadn’t got far. We were chatting and she asked me if I’d be able to help a friend with his newly-purchased laptop.

The School House Restaurant which some readers might remember

We doubled back to her house where she gave me a tour of her new bathroom to be. She called her friend who duly arrived brandishing his laptop. He’d bought it in Chania so it was installed with everything setup for Greek but he wanted German and it was a bit of a muddle. I did some updates and then discovered it was set for S-mode. This limits the use of applications not directly from the Windows store. I didn’t want to stay much longer so offered to take the laptop back with me and install a fresh copy of Windows with German as the principal language. He agreed so I left to ride back to the camping.

I was back slightly later than usual so the dogs were eager to get out and be fed, unsurprisingly. As for me, I just got on with the laptop which kept me amused for much of the remainder of the day. The installation dragged on a little as it was slow at downloading from the MS website. It’s all done so can go back to him early tomorrow morning. Maybe I’ll get another mug of Green Tea?

The wind started to get up during our walk and has been present for most of the day. It will probably keep going all night too. Most of the weekend punters have left except for those in M4-M6 with their small children.

Erica and Janne arrive tomorrow so they can look after the kittens and defend them from inquisitive small children. They have a little gardening to do as lots of weeds have grown since their last visit in October. It will be good to see them and to have some neighbours for a few weeks.

Sunny, warm and clear but with an annoying wind.


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