E&J arrive

Isabella will not be allowed outside at bedtime this evening as she woke me up early barking at some cat or other distraction. I quickly shut her up but it disturbed my slumbers.

There was a clear sky as I walked towards the beach bathed in the dawn light. Only Oskar was a little late coming back at the end so the walk was uneventful. All the dogs turned up for most of the biscuit-gathering events.

I had some dough to prepare having fed the starter in the fridge and taken out a load to seed my next batch. It was well up in the jar as was the starter in the salad drawer at the bottom of the fridge. I made up my breakfast, put it on the pot, was distracted by Oskar so forgot to put on the lid and to turn it on – very handy!

I was on my way to Anydroi soon after having warned Inke of my impending arrival. She was in Paleochora drinking coffee with friends so I may well have ridden past her. She sent a message to Bodo, the guy whose laptop I was reconfiguring. They were waiting as I arrived at the house.

I handed over the laptop making a few final adjustments on the way. I was asked if I would upgrade his very elderly device to Windows 8 but with its limited resources, I suggested he just use it for simple offline tasks and admire its antiquity.

The couple departed shortly after Inke returned from her visit. She offered me tea but I wanted to visit Petrakis and get back to the dogs as they’d been in since 07:00. She offered me a chunk of her bread which is of a substantial nature but extremely good to eat. She has made sourdough bread in the past but feels it’s too much like hard work. I suggested it was more a matter of organisation with many small steps spread out over a long period. This might make it seem arduous.

The ride back to Paleochora and then the camping was easy as it’s mostly downhill. I did my shopping quickly as the supermarket was not busy.

I fed the dogs and put my breakfast on to cook before going next door to feed the cats and kittens. Janne called from Charles de Gaulle to give me a progress update saying they’d arrive at Grammeno some time in the evening. They were up at 03:00 so I expect they’ll get something to eat on their way from  Ηράκλεο which is a long journey in itself.

I’m not quite sure where the remainder of the day went however I made and baked the bread so have that to look forward to. I purchased some rye flour whilst in Petrakis so I now have a goodly selection to choose from as well as oats. Today’s loaf is 50:50 whole flour and white as it rises quickly and gives a rapid, lighter result.

My oven performed well and is considerably more stable than the round oven as well as much easier to put things into. Helped by the fact that I bought some neoprene oven gloves which not only provide good insulation but also good grip. I’m hoping my Dutch Oven will turn up before the week’s end but that is in the hands of ACS so who knows!

I have some banana bread to make tomorrow and some aubergines to roast as well. These will be done tomorrow as I have not plans for distant excursions in the morning only a trip to Petrakis to pick up some bits for the Doggy Dinners forgotten this morning.

The poo tanker has visited the camping this evening to pump out the septic tank down by the bar. This takes the waste from the bar, kitchen and T1-T3. The kitchen waste is particularly greasy so this needs doing regularly to prevent blockages. Even with main drainage, the waste water would need to be pumped due to the topography of the camping. That or dig some extremely deep drains! I don’t know whether the tanker called at the largest septic tank at the top of the camping however it’s something I’m happy not be involved in.

It’s been a warm and sunny day with some gusty wind which kept the temperature down. I’m determined to rid myself of the flappy tent sides in favour of some demountable windows as it drives me mad!

Warm and sunny with gusty winds


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