Busy day

Our Early Walk was very enjoyable and uneventful as I came back with the correct number of dogs. There were some lovely colours in the dawn sky however they never really come out properly in a photograph.

I made up the first part of the Doggy Dinners before riding into town to Petrakis to get some more items for them. I didn’t hang around so was soon back to get on with the day.

There was a support email from Inter Sport and a few conversations with Janne and Erica to fill up my morning. Another support call from Maria caused me to wander up to reception to fix a problem with her printer. I fiddled around with the other computer too as I was setting up something for myself.

There was plenty of sunshine so some of my morning was interrupted by sleep until it came to processing the DDs, making and baking some Banana Bread and cooking some beetroot for supper.

I popped next door to assess the hoards of cats that have appeared even though Erica has been here barely twenty-four hours. Janne and Erica have also sampled some of the latest batch of Banana Bread and survived!

I spent some more time on the booking website and have moved it on a little. Some of the accommodation is completed but the site is a long way from being finished. You can look at it here. Feel free to make bookings as the site is a dummy. Make as many as you like but use your correct details so that you receive the confirmation email and the user code. This can be entered for subsequent bookings so as not to have to fill in your details all over again. Any comments or observations are very welcome. I’m also learning as I go along…

I’m going to get something to eat now and I’m also being a meal for the mosquitoes!

Sunny and warm but a little windy too. Cooler in the evening and it didn’t feel like nearly 30℃.


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