I was pleased to get to bed as the latter half of yesterday was quite hard-going due to the oven incident.

I was out of my pit before 05:00 as I was awake then anyway. We had a good start on the day so I didn’t rush back to give the dogs longer to mooch around.

A Swiss caravan and car were parked on the beach where the skeletal remains of the former umbrellas are. There were four occupants judging by the number of chairs that had been left outside. They were very trusting it would seem.

I went off to Paleochora having completed a small IT task for Simon. Petrakis was not very busy so I was in and out soon to be on my way back. Maria had asked me to get her a cheese pie from the bakery then wanted to give me half complaining it would be fattening. This had crossed my mind when she asked for it but I didn’t say anything. For someone who gained 10kg+ over the winter.

I released and fed the dogs then got on with some small tasks and a cup of tea.

A lot of the day has been taken up with drinking tea with the neighbours, wandering the camping taking photos, chatting to the German guy who came to the office yesterday and baking some bread. I have also devoted time to progressing and learning to use the online booking site. It has now been updated to use one of their templates which has made the site look much more presentable and professional. There is so much possible customisation of the template, it’s difficult to know where to start.

More customers have arrived and it’s only Thursday. From what I can see, they are not booked so have just walked in. One van from Switzerland as well as another from Germany. Hardly bustling but a start. According to the booking calendar, only two items of accommodation are occupied today.

I think Skinny wants his dinner as do I!

Cooler than yesterday although warm and sunny with persistent windiness

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