The Case Of The Missing Cat – Solved!

There was a stiff breeze and it felt cool. I’d been awake for a little while since a certain Fido required to go out for a wee at 04:30. I let him and Isabella out and adjourned to my pit once more. It wasn’t long before Fido requested to come back inside however I was disinclined to leave my pit again considering it would soon be 04:55 and time to get up anyway. He persisted without success and I eventually got up and dressed.

Our walk started at 05:15 so we were back at the camping just before 07:00 giving me time to make some breakfast and start preparing the Doggy Dinners. Other than Oskar going walkabout and not arriving at Plakaki, the walk was uneventful and bracing. The temperature is set to rise from tomorrow evening.

I rode into Paleochora for no reason other than for exercise. I went towards the port and round on the gravel roads and back via Third Eye to see if it was open. Judging by the furniture stacked up outside, it’s got a little way to go before opening. Only external dining is permitted at present anyway.

I stopped off to offer my help to Manolis who’d asked if we could finish off the installation of a new speaker cable on his boat. Together, we managed to complete the task in a short while and I was free to let out the dogs and feed them.

I extracted my breakfast from the pot and put in the Doggy Dinners which have since been processed. The dogs were fed, the sun shone brightly and the day warmed up.

Mikhalis mentioned something about an unpleasant smell near M2 which had been reported by Bona when cleaning. We went to investigate and ended up taking off the facia to look under the cabin. The mystery of the missing cat is now solved. I left Tony and Mikhalis with the job of removing the corpse and reassembling the cabin.

I received a message from Georgia about her WiFi however it appeared to be working as Maria and Tony seemed to be connected to it without problems. I noticed her phone had connected to the lamp AP which would have been a little slow as it’s a relay and the other side of the trees. I’ve since restarted both APs and have heard nothing since.

Maria called to alert me to the arrival of ASC with my new Dutch Oven. The courier was standing patiently at reception holding the heavy box. He approached and handed it to me as I walked up the drive.

Dutch Oven in the oven

I have made up some starter which will form the basis for a loaf tomorrow which will be used to christen the Dutch Oven.

The day rolled by. I’ve been fiddling with the booking site amongst other things. Most accommodation is now set up correctly with photos and descriptions. I’ve been amusing myself by trying the various functions, sending email invoices, cancelling bookings and amending them.

I think it’s a good system, even in its free state however it’s limited to displaying the accommodation, allowing customers to book but payment would need to be made manually as there is no payment gateway for cards or bank transfers. Furthermore, more advanced functionality only becomes available with the addition of a licence. The ability to set different seasonal rates, payment gateways, statistics and minimum or graduated pricing with discounts for stay-length. For €140/year it’s pretty comprehensive and would take little time to pay for itself.

Janne and Erica went on a trip to Spaniakos to check progress of Sascha’s plot. I watched a movie Janne made to show the new terraces and stonework. It looks impressive.

I didn’t go swimming this morning as it was chilly and windy which, together with cool water, is a big disincentive. I had a hot shower in one of the cubicles as, to my mind, it’s too chilly to be showering al fresco with cold water. Unlike my Nordic neighbours.

The cool air made today feel cooler than yesterday however temperatures should improve for the next few days. It’s been dry for a long time with only 1mm precipitation during April and none so far this month. In only one month, it will be the Solstice so days will start to shorten on the journey back to the September Equinox and thence to Winter.

The hope is the season will be extended as long as possible if the weather holds up and there are now serious adverse Covid events.

A chilly start giving way to a warm and sunny day but a chill wind until early afternoon

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