I baked a frisbee!

It was lighter when we approached the Promontory as I was a little slow to get going this morning. It was not windy but the air was still cool so there wasn’t much hanging about on my part.

It was properly light when we walked up the beach towards Plakaki: Skinny had disappeared into the distance but was there when the rest arrived. Luis made it to the end this morning unlike yesterday when he was still walking up after we’d started back.

There was no one around only the guy who comes in his truck most mornings. He shouted a greeting to me as we passed.

I’d made up some starter the previous evening but it was fermenting rapidly so I put it in the fridge overnight. I took this out mixed up a load of rye flour with this to get it going and put it out on top of the oven.

I went off to Paleochora for a visit to the old castle which I’ve been to before. It was a lovely morning to be looking down over the good people of Paleochora and out to sea. I wandered around admiring the view and inspecting the ramparts before hopping back onto my bike to ride back to the camping.

I let out the dogs and fed them before making a cup of tea for myself. Isabella’s food containers were empty so I filled them up emptying the last of the cat food from the bin into smaller containers. Janne has agreed to collect some cat food from Heike when they’re in Paleochora sometime.

I checked out my dough but it was not going to develop any strength which was a pity as I wanted to try out my pot. It wasn’t very long before the dough rose and threatened to take over the world. Despite its sloppiness, I dropped it into the pot which had been heating up in the oven. It’s possible that the dough had risen too much as it rose very little in the pot and would have been better off in a baking tin. The resulting bread was very flat but very good to eat regardless of its appearance.

I amused myself with various websites including the booking one. It’s surprising how the time goes when you’re concentrating on something.

I cleaned up the kitchen unit top which had become very cluttered and quite dusty due to the recent wind. The clutter has been relocated so it looks a little better. I also gave the Instant Pot a good clean as that was equally dusty and grotty. Dust is a major problem when it’s windy during dry weather.

Erica tells me that Dimitris’ leg will be in plaster for several weeks and that he plans to come back to serve behind the bar. I suspect he won’t be doing too much walking to the kitchen and back.

There are a few visitors this weekend but fewer than the last and the one before. Most are from the same family judging by the booking calendar. Next weekend is looking a little ligh The bar and restaurant are open however I suspect the menu isn’t extensive. Janne and Erica when there to eat but have yet to report on their findings.

Elias and family are at Toulouse on their way to get a ferry to Belle Île where they have some property. I suspect they will stay there for the summer whilst the weather is warm. In the scheme of things, it’s not that far from Blois at around 450km via Nantes.

I’m waiting for the Pot to depressurise then I’ll feed the dogs. I’ve some Fakes in there for myself which will go down well with some fresh rye bread.

A cool but clear start leading to a warm and sunny day with no wind!


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