It felt decidedly cool as we strode across the field towards the sea at around 05:15. The Swiss caravan which has been parked on the beach road for the past few days has disappeared as have all the others along the beach and the orange tent on the Promontory.

I seem to have had problems keeping the dogs with me this morning: Charlie, who showed up for the first lot of biscuits at the entrance to the Promontory, right at the start of the walk, was not seen again. To prevent unnecessary stress he was waiting patiently in the run and rushed out to greet us as we returned to the van.

Skinny, on the other hand was with us until the last but then disappeared to be found standing outside the gate into the camping.

I knocked up some whole flour/rye dough then prepared the Doggy Dinners before Elevating my Brian and departing for a ride somewhere east. Today, I found myself climbing up into the mountains which was fairly brave as my bike’s battery was less than half full. Nevertheless, I made it to the summit and had a good, fast run back down again and then to the camping.

It was just after nine so I released the dogs and fed them before making another cup of tea. The Doggy Dinners had nearly finished cooking so I was well ahead of the game. The white bread I’d set in motion the previous day didn’t appear to be going anywhere so I put it in a loaf pan in the hope it might rise. The pan was far too big for the quantity of dough so it ended up a bit of a biscuit.

The DDs were cooked and depressurised so I processed them and then got on with making banana bread. I put the white dough in the oven with the banana bread but then I didn’t have anything for the brown bread which was ready to bake! Once the white was cooked long enough to be removed from the pan, I reused the pan for the brown which should have been transferred long before as it had risen well. The transfer into the bread pan didn’t do it any favours so that ended up quite dense too.

All this cooking took up a chunk of the day which by now was really quite warm and sunny, over 31C under the awning. I sat down to do some small IT tasks for LBS and test the Public Folder Calendar for EG. I also had to check up some logins for the EG courses website as some users didn’t appear to have remembered their credentials.

By this time I was easily distracted by other things so found myself wandering the Internet until it was time to put on the Doggy Rice for their evening meal. I tested some of the bread which had a good, solid crust and was exceedingly dense. I think that will change once I make it to the middle of the brown loaf as I started with the end made from all the scraps and scrapings.

The camping is much quieter than yesterday although there are some other people, as well as the occupants of Ξ1-3, who have probably arrived by now.

I noticed Μιχάλης truck parked opposite but he appears to have been working down at the bar from the location of his phone on the network. I see that Georgia is still at the camping so there must be something important going on which requires her oversight.

Litsa brought me a couple of kilos of cherry tomatoes which I’ve just washed. It’s important not to leave them in sight otherwise they will get eaten each time I lay eyes on them. I shall look forward to some of them this evening.


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