Full Moon

At 05:15 the Moon was heading towards the western horizon but I thought I’d take a couple of shots to see if any came out.

I kept the dogs together so there were none missing at any point. We encountered Kostas on the way back but saw that he’d been around by the trailer and coils of plastic pipe laying near to the cave where he usually stashes his pump. I think he takes the pump with him as it was stolen once. Kostas tells me he stopped smoking about nine months ago however he now has heart disease which is going to require treatment. We talked about dogs and then I left him to get on with his work whilst the day was still cool.

I made breakfast for myself then went into Petrakis to pick up some ingredients for a recipe I found on YouTube yesterday. A very simple recipe involving cabbage, carrot and potatoes all grated up and mixed together with some appropriate seasoning. The recipe requires a couple of eggs so I used ground flax as a substitute. The mixture is in the oven at present so we’ll see how it comes out.

I asked Yiannis about nutritional yeast whilst in the supermarket. Once we’d agreed what it was, he searched for it on his supplier’s website and said it should be in the store later in the week. How’s that for service! I asked him how his barcoding project was progressing and he replied that it was advancing slowly. He also mentioned he now has networked price labels in the fruit and veg section so that the prices can be changed at any moment from a central location. Very handy in the veg department as prices probably fluctuate regularly. The labels are also very easy to read.

I can report that progress has taken place on the road with an almost continuous stretch of tarmac between Grammeno and Paleochora. This morning, only the eastbound carriageway on the bend by the rock had been completed but I anticipate the other side will have been done today. The new section from the bend to Paleochora requires another layer of tarmac and the short section at the junction going to Panorama needs two. I hope the road surface will continue into Paleochora centre encompassing all of the other works which have taken place some of which are ongoing. Technicians are working on the cycleway which is complete in some areas or just one narrow lane in others.

I fed the dogs before feeding myself as I wandered around in a towel after an extremely pleasant swim taken as soon as I returned to the camping. I bought a very hi-tech and expensive thermometer for the sum of 0.90 Euro in order to measure the sea temperature. I can report that it was around 20C this morning at 09:00 although I’ve not checked the accuracy of my super-thermometer against any others in my possession.

I’ve had a busy day which started with a support call from reception as I walked Maria through the process of scanning a document to her laptop. Georgia was about to leave for her vaccination: two things she doesn’t like – horsepiddles and injections. It should have made her day!

There was a number of other support calls and lots of emails to Inter Sport and EG. These kept me from doing much else during the day!

However, the sun was warm, there was no wind and the sky was clear. It wasn’t the hottest day of the year as we’d need to wait a bit to beat 34.4C as today was a mere 32.2C..

The dogs are now fed and the carrot/potato/cabbage mixture is cooked. I’ve tested it and it’s ok although nothing to rave about. The recipe may require some tweaking and additional seasoning.

Reading my solar industry daily bulletin, I note that many of the Greek islands generate their own electricity using mainly diesel generators. These are inefficient, expensive and polluting. Crete has recently been connected to the mainland via the longest AC underwater power cable which will undergo trials during the coming months. The aim is is to interconnect the sunniest and windiest regions of the nation then install renewables which will provide not only for the islands but also the remainder of Greece whilst providing significant savings borne equally by all subscribers.


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