My bed was clinging to me so it was 05:00 before I was on my feet and out of the door. The moon was there to greet me and there seemed to be little wind although I fell on the side of caution and put on a thin fleece.

A van was parked opposite on the beach and a car was in the car park so I proceeded cautiously as there might have been someone camping out.

The only excitement was at the very end when the American Woman came along with Dexter and all the dogs were together. Considering they have met only once before they get along although I needed to intervene later to prevent some silliness. Dexter is well capable of looking after himself anyway.

A German couple were drinking coffee by their van but didn’t seem to mind having some visitors. We chatted very briefly before going back to the van.

I went up the mountain a little way and enjoyed the tarmacked road to Paleochora. It was after nine when I returned so I fed the dogs once I’d let them out.

I spent quite a chunk of the day messing with Linux commands and installing the UniFi controller software on the Windows machine I have in the Reception. I want to see if changing the controller hardware improves reliability of the application. There is a funky UniFi product which has the controller embedded which I think is the favourite solution however they are nearly £200 second hand.

I then got into playing with the Booking Site which is what I really wanted to be working on. I made some comparisons with the demo site but it was getting a little late in the day so progress was slow.

I got a call to join Georgia at the bar. She was trying to install a small camera onto an app on her phone. The instructions were in English but I’ve done several of these now anyway. We messed with the camera a little before retiring to the kitchen.

Georgia had been shopping and brough a sousvide stick and a vacuum packer to enable the kitchen to stock each portion of meat in a vacuum bang then be dumped in the sousvide for several minutes to defrost enough to be cooked.

This is not really how the stick is supposed to be used so we then spent a long time changing the water temperature and immersion length for different size portions. I got a good supply of gigantic beans for my troubles.

Doggy Dinners were late as it was nearly dark when I got back.

A chilly start followed by a warm, sunny but windy day. The wind should moderate for Saturday and Sunday but return Monday


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