The van from the previous day had gone although there were two others a little further up. It was a warmer morning without the wind so I left my fleece on a tree branch whilst we walked to Plakaki and back.

All the dogs managed to be at nearly all of the biscuit distribution points almost together and they stuck with me most of the time. Kostas arrived and was pumping seawater into the depressions on the rocks. He is getting ready for the very sunny weather which will hopefully be with us until November.

I made my breakfast then rode into Paleochora to Petrakis for some groceries. Surprisingly, for a Saturday morning, it was extremely quiet so I was in and out in no time and riding back to the camping.

There was quite a bit of activity on the road with men working on progressing the cycleway. There is still more tarmac to go down on the road but at least the sections dug up for other work have been tarmacked over so that cars no longer forced to swerve around them.

My breakfast was ready so I fed the dogs. I’d considered going for a swim after my bike ride but there was a chilly breeze so I decided to put off swimming until later.

Some time was spent fooling around with the booking site but then I appear to have fallen asleep for a while. Erica and Janne went out on their bikes so I used the opportunity to go for a swim. My first intention was to go on the Alonaki Beach side but the sea was rougher as there was an easterly onshore breeze. I went to Grammeno Beach, swam out and then walked back from the Big Beach on the Promontory. There was plenty of activity on Grammeno Beach as families made good use of the fine weather to have some relaxation. Michalis and another were using a mechanical auger to put in poles for the umbrellas. Why do this on a weekend when the beach is busy?

I remembered I was going to make up a different version of the carrot/potato/cabbage recipe I tried the other day. This time I made more flax eggs and put in some additional ingredients of my own. These were: an onion, garlic, turmeric, lemon juice and some sweet pepper. I’ve tasted the result but have not tested it out in a meal as yet.

I was called to the office by Maria to fix up the laptop which I should imagine will be used in addition to Maris’s. Apparently, the new guy starts tomorrow. Georgia’s WiFi wasn’t working so I went down to take a look. Everything is covered in dust and some of the components were damaged when there was a flood the winter before last so it’s unsurprising there are problems. I got it working but it wasn’t long before Georgia was calling Maria to say it was off again. Another job for tomorrow…

Not as warm as previous days but the sand was hot on the beach!


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